Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We are missing daddy!

I'll be honest, definitely not sure if I am cut out to be a stay-home-mom!  I think I can handle it during the day, but with Keith out of town, it's pretty tough!  Thank goodness mom is here with me. We took them to the McDonald's playhouse yesterday, which was fun, but there was absolutely no way I would ever be able to get them out on my own.  We pretty much had to pin both down to attempt to get boots and coats on and they kicked and screamed all the way to the car.  Today I was brave and took them to the ortho with me, NEVER again!  It started well, but ended bad.  We were going to go to the store, but after that we went straight home.  Which brings me to the next tough thing....being stuck inside!  These two just need to get out and run around. 
I'm having a hard time too with so many big changes and so many unknowns and I'm even a person who likes a little surprise!
The job hunt is starting to get a little frustrating! I have had good luck at meeting with a lot of the right people at good places, but there aren't a lot of openings.  Then the places with interesting jobs that I get excited about, I feel as though my resume goes to the big black hole of resumes! 
I've been enjoying house hunting, but that is starting to irritate me now.  We still aren't 100% sure we will live in Ankeny, but you would think with over 600 houses on the market, I would find a few I liked.  YES... I'm being picky, but it's a house!  Then we initially thought this may be a five year home, but then what if we absolutely love the neighborhood, so do you go smaller or larger in case you end up staying forever?

Anyway, today was just not my best day!  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to dig deep for some extra patience for a couple demanding toddlers!  Did I mention Carter's favorite word to use is "no,"  I heard that about 50 times today! The good news is even though they got in trouble many times today, they still gave me lots of big hugs at bedtime. 

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Whitney Moore said...

Good thing I saw that you guys already have that thomas book, I saw it on sale and was about to get it for the boys. P.s I'm sorry I got a few misc. things that I could not pass up for them and you guys. Sorry its hard to stop a habit of buying things. :-)


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