Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bucklin Christmas

Christmas Eve we took the boys to the Christmas Eve service at Church.  A zillion snacks and we survived!  Afterwards we enjoyed some holiday festivities at the Allspach's house. 
On Christmas Eve we let the boys open a couple presents, one being these cotton Thomas pajamas.  And we could NOT get Carter to wear them.  He absolutely would not put them on, which is strange since he is obsessed with Thomas. 
Mom went all out on the kids table this year.  The boys were so excited about it, they sat there for a while before dinner was even ready. 
The boys were taking naps during most of the present opening, which worked out well!  Keith and I didn't exchange too much this year, we just didn't have time to shop for each other.  But I figure we will be buying plenty of things for the next house that we can make up for it then.  We did get lots of goodies from everyone else: new boots and a purse for me along with some clothes.  Keith got some tools and a couple ISU sweatshirts and honestly, I can't really remember what else he got. Something nice, I'm sure! 
My brother was extra busy the last couple months making copies and photo albums of lots of Grandpa and Grandma Kalma's old photos.  They also used to take many home videos dated back to the early 50's, so my brother had several of the slides put onto DVDs.  They were fun to watch, they took several trips to Canada and Colorado.  It was crazy seeing all the old cars.  The best part was watching videos from around the Newton area and outside their home.  Their house started as this tiny little house on an unpaved road and my great Grandpa and Grandma Smyth lived across the street.  My grandpa was such a handyman and as the videos progressed with time, so did the house.  Suddenly there was a garage, then more houses, then a second story and of course a new dog about every 8 years.  Too bad it didn't have sound, it would have been fun to hear what they were talking about.  I'm sure something along the lines of what was happening at Maytag. 
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