Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's not easy being Stella

Stella moved back to Baxter in the initial move with Keith.  She loves my parents and is pretty good buddies with my dad.  Mostly because he gives her lots of treats.  She has been a little on the sad side.  I thought when I got back she would be happier, but she isn't quite her spunky self.  I'm sure she is missing our fenced in yard where she could run around and definitely the squirrels she gazes at for hours or the giant rabbits that probably would have eaten her if she ever did catch one.  And I'm sure she is missing her boyfriend Bruiser.  I hope she gets a little happier soon! 
Carter is going through this new phase with her.  He gets really mad when he drops his food on the floor and she eats it.  He tries to get it back and can't really understand why he can't.  So then I sneak a piece of the same type of food he thinks she ate, pretend to get it from Stella, give it to him and life is good again!

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