Thursday, June 26, 2014

My little lady is 2!

Can you believe she is two already?  Seems like yesterday I was 37 weeks pregnant installing a paver patio in 100 degree temps.  With that said, I'm surprised she didn't turn two a few weeks ago!  She must know she is two, because just last week she started throwing some pretty big tantrums.  Not awful, but I haven't figured out the best way to calm her with them yet.  So for those of you who are thinking I better toss the pacifier now that she is too, we may have a teeny bit longer.

Though three kids makes things at the Bormann house a little bit... or  a lot hectic- WE LOVE THIS GIRL!  She brings so much joy to us every day.  She's super funny, really loving and probably the worlds sweetest girl.....if you ask anyone around here.  She seems to know her role as the little sister.  She loves her brothers very much and has a motto she follows, what they do, she can do to.

So what's happening at two....
-She will be moving up to the two's room at daycare, which she is definitely ready for.  All her friends moved up a while back so she's ready to join her BFF Tatum.

-She loves riding her little green bike.

-She likes watering flowers, don't take the hose from her because you will hear about it.

-She can get a little bit bossy

-Not a fan of shoes

-She loves boats, school buses and horses- gets so excited every time she sees them.

-She always says, my brothers, where's my brothers.  My Daddy, My Dylan, My mommy, My Carter....

-She is a bit of a hoarder with her stuff, she knows what's hers and holds onto everything

-Bubbles, yep, she loves them....I still hate them.

-Seems to know most her colors.  For a while everything was yellow, but now she's getting it.  As a matter of fact, she knows pink and thinks everything that is pink is hers.  And lately she has been picky about plates and bowls insisting on pink.  Which doesn't work well for us since we have like two pink bowls and two pink plates.

-LOVES to sing songs and listen to you sing

-Loves books

-World's slowest eater.  This girl could sit and eat for hours.  Sometimes she will hold a cookie for an hour.  And she insists on sitting on your lap.  I've had a lot of popsicle melt on me lately.

-The slide is probably one of her favorite things

-Could be a better sleeper

-Loves to be carried.  Every time I take her on a walk, I end up carrying her and pushing the stroller.

-Still a daddy's girl!

-Still loves hanging out in the pantry

So that's our girl.  TWO ALREADY!!!

Happy Birthday Olivia! Thank you for being my special little girl.  I LOVE YOU.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A big party for a special little girl

Saturday we celebrated Olivia's second birthday!  Almost two, already!!!  I didn't go too crazy on party festivities.  We did a taco bar and had some other odds and ends.  The pool was a big hit.  This was Olivia's first time playing in it and she had an absolute blast.  

All the boys kept pretty darn busy.  Not sure where Oliver was- he kept busy ALL DAY just going from toy to toy.  

I like that Stella is waiting for them to walk away from the food they are eating.

Opening presents in the garage didn't work out so well.  Olivia was pretty stuck on her first Doc McStuffins gift and didn't want to open much more.  Then she was on to a popsicle break.

And we now have a princess.  I've been dodging all this princess business since the day she was born.  She was totally digging these shoes and tiara.  She seemed to walk around with stronger sense of confidence in this attire. 

You can't mess with this!

If you look close - she is taking her temp.

I think the boys liked the doll house more than her.  They worked hard to put it all together.\
Thanks everyone for coming and for the kind gifts!!  


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