Monday, April 30, 2012

What's bugging Keith

I’m sure your husbands have a few things that bug them from time to time – here are a few I hear about.

I was pretty excited about my latest TJ Maxx find – I had been looking for a new bag for weekend trips – Keith’s opinion, “that looks like a garbage bag with boat rope tied to it.”  Nice! 

5/7 nights a week Keith complains about how close I park to the stairs and asks that I pick a spot on the wall to line up with.  I bet there will be a tennis ball hanging from the ceiling one of these days when pull in.

Another good one I got recently, “you know, just minimizing the updates doesn’t actually do anything” – referring to the many updates I am far too impatient to install. 

I’m sure if you ask him this list is MUCH longerJ  What’s on your husband’s complaint list?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter at Mom and Dad's house

More Easter baskets!!!  

The boys soaking up some Morgan time!

Peeps were a hit, they even shared (though I did not want one!)

Arts and Crafts hour with Uncle Jeff!  You are welcome to come do this at our house any time.
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Driving school anyone

I have no idea why they struggle with this so much.  They can maneuver their bikes just fine, but this jeep - well let's just say if you see them - GET OUT OF THE WAY!  Sadly this is not their first time driving either.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phone Dump & More....

The boys have been really into sitting on benches whenever we pass them lately.  So we sit!

I'm not sure how I survived not having a camera on my phone!!! I have been hunting for some shrubs for the front of my house - so if I see some that might be a good fit I have been snagging pics.  So I have a lot of flower pics on my phone right now.  

And they are down!

Stella is pretty popular with the neighbor kids - they love to chase her around.  Not sure how she feels about that.

The boys were pretty excited about their new pictures.  Carter kept asking me how I got that picture into the frame.  Magic!  

Dylan doing a little bit of reading.

Keeping it classy!  No worries, I was not drinking the booze behind me.  Saturday we went to celebrate two 30th birthdays in Omaha.  We had a few cabins - most the crew stayed for the weekend, we were only there for Saturday.  Unfortunately, if any of you saw the news on Saturday, Omaha area was a hot zone for tornadoes - not ideal for a camp ground.  We ended up heading back around 10:00 and made it home around 1:00 - we figured that would be better than leaving around 6 the next morning.
This was at Mohoney State Park - what a cool place!  We really want to bring the boys back sometime, they had trails, lake activities, mini golf, horse riding, a little water park - you name it, they had it.  The cabins were really nice and reasonably priced so if you are looking for a fun outdoor weekend, I would recommend checking it out!  

the boys love making pizza!  I thought Carter was doing a good job until he picked up a pepperoni, licked the sauce off and placed it back into its spot.  

Enjoying the nice evening with popcorn!

Stella found a good spot to crash!  I bought paint today - we will soon have a nursery!  Woo hoo!!!  Now if we could start that name list.  

Keith checked on the boys last night and found Carter had a visitor in his bed!  This is the first time this has happened - believe it or not.  We showed them the picture this morning, they thought it was pretty funny.

Watch out for Carter - I think that kid will put a spoon in about anything you are making and eat it.  I don't think he touched it on his plate.  

Other happenings....
Keith will be manning the house for a "boys" weekend, while I am off to Galena with my girlfriends!  Looking forward to a fun weekend!  

Have I ever mentioned I hate ironing - and I really hate ironing curtain panels.  We put some new ones up in the kitchen and I ruined one of them - I was almost done too!  Super ticked about this, so I guess I will be buying a new one.  I officially fired myself from any ironing around here.  (however, I don't think this will be noticed)

The boys have been crazy this week - I don't know what has gotten into them, but they have just been non-stop with not listening and getting into trouble.  Hopefully they are god for Keith this weekend.  

We have had some strange things going on lately - I think it is me!  For example, we were at maid rite and I asked for 10 packets of ketchup (I really like ketchup) - the guy gave me 1 pack - how does that = 10, at least give me two!  We took the boys out for Mexican and asked for two tacos each - they were each given one.  We got the boys hair cut this week at Great Clips - two times in a row Carter got stuck with the worst stylist!  "Note" to self - never have a lady cut your hair that has a tattoo of a post-it note on her arm.  She took like 20 minutes longer than Dylan's and kept asking me how to cut it and I kept telling her like Dylan's - you would think she would ask the lady who was cutting Dylan's what she was doing for a more accurate description - I would say ask her - she would say, you tell me mom!  REALLY!  If their hair was so darn coarse I would maybe just cut it myself.  It would probably look better than this round.

Had my 2nd round glucose screening on Wednesday.  That was NOT pleasant.  I had to fast, so I was quite hungry and then had to drink a bottle of that disgusting juice - which then for the next 1-2 hours I felt miserable and was so close to throwing up.  By the last hour I was feeling much better again.  They had to draw my blood four times, but I must say the girl who did it three times was AWESOME!!!  I barely felt it.    The good news - I PASSED! And in celebration had a Casey's donut for breakfast today.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, my husband says never assume. I've also learned the hard way at work to NEVER assume.  And it hits again - no news on my glucose screen was NOT good news!  To be in normal range you have to be under 140, mine came back 145.  Honestly, with all the sweets I have been craving I was not surprised.  So I go back Wednesday for the 3 hour screen - not looking forward to that!  Let's just hope I pass!
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Baby Update - 28 weeks

[27 weeks]

[28 weeks]

I'm growing by the day at this point!  Definitely noticeably pregnant now.  Sometimes when I am out and about shopping I notice people looking at my stomach - and it IS obvious, so sometimes that makes me feel awkward!

The baby has been quite busy moving around and kicking lots!  He/she must be getting quite big because sometimes I feel kicks on both sides at the same time and I'm starting to feel it quite a bit higher.

I had my glucose screening and a check-up on Thursday.  I just don't enjoy the juice they make you chug.  I haven't heard back, so I am assuming no news is good news!  I'm about 15 pounds up at this point, the babies heartbeat was around 140 and everything else seemed to be fine.  I'm still having contractions quite a bit, but my doctor said not to worry unless they are 10 minutes apart.  I'm trying to do a better job drinking more water, I think that might be part of the issue.

I guess it might be safe to say that I have hit the nesting phase.  I asked Keith what was worse, the first trimester where I was so exhausted and could barely stay awake through dinner and he was doing EVERYTHING from dinner, to bathing and getting the boys to bed, to all the cleaning while I was out cold on the couch.  Or now, where there is no time for rest, we always have something to clean, something to build, something to hang, things to go through, things to buy!!!  I think he prefers this phase, but he is probably getting tired of my projects:)  I know he doesn't want to hang anymore curtains!  (Just one or two more:))

I did decide to change our baby room, so it will be quite simple!  I'm a less is more kind a girl when it comes to this stuff and like things clean and simple.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to share too much of the babies room with all of you - but i did decide to go with this sheet, I think I am just going to do a breathable white bumper and then a bed skirt that is similar to this bumper.  Then we will be painting the room gray and another color - maybe yellow, maybe green, maybe pink, maybe blue!  You will just have to wait and see.  I'm hoping to start painting soon! 
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Wall art for Carter & Dylan's room


I've been a picture hanging fool these past few weeks.  Our walls have been bare for so long, it's so nice to have a bit of life on the walls around here!  I found these fun prints for the boys' room on here on Etsy last week.  I must give credit to this girl, she was great.  She had  a proof for me the day after I ordered and I received them in the mail by the end of the week.  She has all kinds of things like this and you can pick your colors.  I added the navy mats and found these frames on clearance at Michael's and spray painted them orange.  When it gets nice out again and we don't have 40 mph winds, I need to spray paint them again.  If you saw them in person you would see they are a bit rough!  They were bumped a couple times after I was finished.

The boys were busy hanging their train picture while i was hanging the others.

Also - I should share, I used this picture hanging tip from Pinterest to hang these and it worked pretty well!  I would recommend trying it.  Since these were cheap frames, the hanger on the back side was in a different spot on each one.  
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Morning

So the Easter Bunny about didn't make it to the Bormann house this year.  I didn't really plan on doing much since they did baskets on both sides.  Then my sister kindly reminded me that if I want them to get into the Easter Bunny and believe in it, he better come!

So off to Walmart I went at 10:00 pm on Saturday night.  Yep, Easter stuff had been picked over, but I think the boys were still pretty happy with what they found.  I managed to get the last 2 / 3 Cars fishing poles.  Big hit!!!  They are super excited to go fishing this summer.  

As you can see, the Easter Bunny got creative...juice boxes, gold fish, etc.:)
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Easter eggs!


The Robinsons came up for a fun night of dying Easter eggs!   I think the boys had a good time!
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