Sunday, January 9, 2011

From two to six under one roof...

The last time six people lived in the Bucklin house was probably 1987, before Jill went to college!  But when we arrived, we filled the place up pretty quick.  Luckily for us, mom and dad have plenty of room and have been very generous about sharing their house and making room!  I have about three more totes to unload and will have finally found a temporary home for most of our belongings.  I think we have left tracks in about every room.  
Mom and dad have a formal living room that they don't use too much, so they let us put a TV in there, which has been great and really nice for the boys to have another spot to take over and mom doesn't have to watch kid's shows all day either.  Keith and I think the furniture is pretty comfy too, so we like it.  Dad asked if we brought the chair and I had to remind him mom bought it when I was still in high school!  So you know he doesn't spend much time in there. 
We turned half the office into a toy storage facility.  Surprisingly they don't play in here too much, but it is nice to have the toys out of the way.
We turned the spare bedroom into their room, this room is quite a bit bigger than their room at home, so that is working well. 
We are loving the long halls since we can't go outside.  I have them race up and down about an hour before nap to burn off extra energy, which worked well until we had a collision.
Then of course, we took over my old room.  After much, overdue cleaning, we are starting to fit all of our stuff into there.  The hard stuff to make room for is all those random things we had in a few closets and our office.  Otherwise we are finally getting settled! 

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