Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lots of laughs, even with a broken arm.

Our first broken arm....

and I say first being realistic since they are only 23 months, I'm thinking we have a couple more of these ahead of us!  (Hopefully NOT!)

Dylan is the lucky man to be sporting a cool new blue cast! About two minutes after arriving to work this morning I received a call from my daycare.  They said Dylan had landed on his arm jumping off, I'm guessing, a climbing toy.  They said he didn't want to get up and was shaking his arm, saying "arm". 
He was so sad when I got to daycare, I instantly knew there was something wrong because I had never seen him like this.  Literally no emotion in his face at all, almost lethargic and really sad.  In the two minutes I talked to the teachers he fell asleep and from the looks of his arm and the way he was holding it, I thought it was probably broken as well. 
Next stop, Metro Peds!  I decided it would probably be a much smoother process than the ER.  Our doctor came out and looked at his arm and sent us for xrays.  This was really the worst part of the entire procedure.  He seemed to do OK as long as his arm wasn't being moved and was slowly pepping up, but the xrays were definitely uncomfortable for him.  And you would thing they would be a little more gentle knowing they are xraying a broken arm! 

We looked at the xrays the minute we got in the elevator and could clearly see a break.  Then they sent us down for one more xray!  And then we could see that both bones were broken!  Poor little guy!  Dr. Stealy put a splint on him and sent us to an orthopedic specialist.  We couldn't get in until this afternoon, so I went to work for a while and Keith stayed with Dylan. I sure couldn't focus much not knowing how things would go with the orthopedic specialist.
I broke my arm when I was 9 and to this day I still remember the pain of the doctor pushing my arm back together, so I was hoping Dylan wouldn't have to go through that or they would at least knock him out. 

The appointment couldn't have gone better!  Unfortunately, we had to get more xrays:(   He confirmed both bones were broken, but the breaks were not near the growth plates and he thought it would heal nicely in a cast and he did not think it would be necessary to manipulate it back into place!!!  He is anticipating that he will be out of the cast in 3 weeks!  That is GREAT!  I expected at least four.  So we go back in one week for an xray to ensure everything is healing properly and then we will just have to wait it out. 
We had those stinky helmets for a couple months, so three weeks will be a breeze in comparison.
They had to put the cast all the way up his arm, otherwise it could easily be pulled off and knowing these two, it would!  He is adjusting pretty well to the cast, it doesn't seem to bother him too much. We bought a couple sippy cups that have handles because he won't be able to drink with his other one.  He's gotten frustrated a couple times trying to pick up too much stuff with one hand and not being able to do it.  I'm sure he will be back to his normal self within a few days! 
Carter was such a great little brother for him today.  They told us that he sat with him and rubbed his back and kept giving him all kinds of kisses when he was crying! 
Look at that, we already got him back to work!! 

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Our super tough little dude!

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probably shouldn't let them do this, but....

It was the end of the night and they were having so much fun doing it!  I guess eating like dogs is much more fun than using our hands, maybe I should try this one at dinner and they would eat more food!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

A few more from the park.

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A perfect place for our little climbers!

We took the boys to this chutes and ladders park a few weeks ago and the boys had a blast!  It was such a nice night out I thought it would be fun to go back at a not so busy time.  The boys had so much fun!
See the blue slide behind me.  Keith was helping Dylan out and Carter started to climb up this blue slide.  I climbed in to see if he was coming back down and he was out of sight, but I could hear him laughing.  So I quickly ran inside the cage and climbed up just on time to find him popping out the top.  He climbed up that entire slide!  And really FAST!  I couldn't believe it.

They had a blast climbing through everything and going down the slides, they just laugh really hard going down and get so excited to go back up again.  Hopefully we will be able to get back here again!
Seriously, these two have no fear!
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I'm thinking the boys even exhausted Stella this weekend.

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We spent a lot of time like this this weekend.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's not too tough to catch one of these two doing something they shouldn't!

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Today was a rough day!

Yesterday Keith had a bike race so I was on my own all morning, but the boys were great! I even took them to the mall for a while.  Today, however, were these two irritable!  We must have had a series of at least six meltdowns.  And they would both be at the same time, but for completely different reasons.  Keith and I were both about to lose it by the end of the day. 

Lesson learned today for me.  Last night we were at Babies R Us and we bought one Thomas toy.  This morning they Carter started playing with it and wouldn't share it with Dylan and the poor kid was just sobbing, I felt awful.  So we went to BRU and bought one, of course he played with it for about 5 minutes and hasn't touched it since! 

Carter is going through this awful phase where if something breaks, like a banana, he wants to put it back together and gets so upset and cries so hard because he can't get it back together.  We went through 5 bananas today.  Carter had two for lunch and then for the last one, we had to put the banana back into the peel and Keith held it for him as he ate it....the things you do for a little peace.  Later we were eating flavor ice's and Keith made a huge mistake of cutting Carter's in half so he could eat it easier!  So that was a big blow-up - good thing we have about 500 more in the freezer. 

We are starting to think they may be getting more molars?  Enough with the teeth!  Just when you think you are done, more come.

Poor kid really wanted to go back outside and tried so hard to get this darn shoe on!
Dylan was a little wiped out, he put this pillow on my lap and laid down with some blankets!
By the end of the night they started to cheer up (this always happens!).  Even though laundry takes about 10x longer to fold with their assistance, they do try to help!  Dylan is getting good at getting the hangers in the shirts!  However, if this was taken five minutes later, you would have seen a serious fight over the hangers and them chasing each other screaming down the hall. 
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Friday, September 24, 2010

New beds???

Last night I think the boys were hinting at wanting to go to sleep in the living room.  Dylan made himself a little bed with his blankets and pillow and Carter thought he could get comfortable stretched across the chairs. 

We did have to make a change to their beds...no more rails / guards!  Sunday night when we returned, I caught Dylan trying to step up on the rail, which is a thin pipe, and attempting to jump off.  Actually, if I didn't catch him, he would have done a belly flop on the floor.  So I took them off, I figured them slipping off with a short fall was safer then belly flops!  So now we have pillows lined up on the floor and each night we have found one snuggled up onto the pillow on the floor.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looks like they will be able to get into anything now!

At Grandma's house, the boys had stepping stools to help them out a little bit!  So we decided we could get some for our house as well.  No worries though, until we bought the stools they found plenty of ways to elevate their height.  They have a toy drum they have been moving around to turn on light switches and I have also seen them attempt this maneuver with a football, broom, box of wipes and a few other toys!

This one worked out well, Carter helped me dry two plates and dried wiped down the counter.  Dylan just wanted to play in the water that he couldn't reach, which is why the party moved to the bathroom.

They sure are growing up!
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