Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess what the boys new favorite read is....

What to Expect the First Year!  They found this book last week and for some reason they are just fascinated by it.  One night I thought they were going to take it to bed!
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Guess who we get to see this weekend!

Isn't Uncle Jeff the Best!

We are heading back to Iowa this weekend for Keith's 10 year reunion!  It should be a good time, quite a few people have kids the same age as the boys, so that will be fun! Hopefully the rain stays away. 

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

This was cracking me up!

I had these shopping carts in the kitchen ready to bring down stairs for a while and then they decided they were really fun. Carter was cracking me up because he put his bowl of pretzels in his and was pushing it around.  He was so serious too, he would push it really hard from the living room to the kitchen.  Then Dylan joined in on the fun.  Then when Carter wasn't looking Dylan dumped Carter's pretzels into his bowl.  Sneaky, huh! 

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A few funnies...

Carter was so thirsty he would chug water, then milk, then water, then milk
Dylan sitting on Carter
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This morning....

I found them doing this. They had their little snack cups sitting on these other cups!
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Something cute....

There is always something cute about watching a little boy drive his little trucks or trains around. Sometimes they get so into it and even make car / train sounds.  Something about it always makes me smile. 

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photohunt friends....

What's wrong with this picture?
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Football season is right around the corner....

I think these cups are the most popular toy at our house right now!  Or is dad doing a little pre-season training?

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Celebrating their individuality...

{Carter & Dylan}
Love the long sleeves in 90 degrees?  Carter picked them out, so that is what we went with for the evening.
The boys are so similiar in so many ways, I often times wonder if I neglect focusing on their individual personalities and growing them as Carter and Dylan, not the Bormann Twins.  In many situations, I often treat them as one.  For example, we had a meeting with their daycare teacher a couple months ago to review milestones and she asked if we wanted to go through the sheets seperate or go through both boys together.  Of course I naturally said lets do both at once.  And outside of a couple things, they were right with each other on each task. 
Sometimes I wonder if when they are older and asks for a picture of him on his first day of school and I am only able to find one of him and his brother, what will he think, will he be disapointed?  Or that they probably won't have their "own" birthday parties.  On the other hand, they have something rare and special that they get to go through life with a best friend.
As they get older, I do hope to make special days and outings for each with one-on-one mom or dad time.   

{Dylan & Carter}
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Guess what we are working on???

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Monday, July 26, 2010

4 years ago

Today marks my 4 year anniversary at JT Mega!  I can't believe it has been four years.  We are always working on things months, sometimes years in advance, so it always seems like days just fly off the calendar.   I've always said, and still feel the same way, since it is such a fast paced environment, it is a rare day when I look at the clock to see how long until I can go home, it is always how much time do I have left?  Plus I work with a lot of great people and all the Hormel team we work with is awesome, which helps to keep you motivated.
My anniversary got me thinking about the past.  First off, after looking at some pictures, I can't say the past four years have been kind to me!  (Yikes, just bought some wrinkle cream yesterday)  On June 26th, we packed up, left New Jersey and made our last big road trip to Minnesota.  And then we had a lot of big changes, fast.  I started my job July 26th, we bought our first house that October, got a crazy little puppy the following spring and now we are total grown-ups with KIDS! 
Today at work I decided an anniversary might be a good day for a little spring cleaning.  I came to the conclusion that even though I try daily, I will never get around to sorting all my emails and moved over 6,000 emails to an "unsorted" folder.  Then I backed up all my other files on the server and while I was waiting for that to transfer I checked my name on the route list of probably at least 50 trade pubs that had been stacked on my desk for months.  I would love to read them, but I don't think it is going to happen!  It felt good to get rid of the clutter.  And good to know my email isn't at risk of blowing up any day now, because I always get 90% full messages the days I am swamped!

This was our last night in Philly.  A few co-workers took us out and we had a wild night to say the least.  I still miss these guys.  What we miss the most about living out East was the AMAZING FOOD, being so close to NYC, the shore and all the fun places to travel to.  We miss our friends Jim and Laurie too, they were a blast!
This was at my first JT Mega holiday party.  I went as Brittney Spears (back in her KFed days).  Notice Carrie Bradshaw behind me. 
Christmas that year, not my best pic but I completely forgot how long my hair was.  Looking at the pics makes me want to grow it out again.  (As if I would style it???)
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Some things I'm loving....

{Mommy and Dylan}
We certainly have our rough days and are starting to get a sense of the upcoming terrible twos, or even worse, threes (so I hear), but I am loving the age they are right now.  They crack me up all the time.  Here are some things I'm loving:

The way they are so into shoes; often times, they will bring us our shoes and insist we put them on.  But what makes me laugh really hard are days like today when we are dressed for work and Dylan brought me flip flops and Carter brought Keith his running shoes.
They are so funny when they go on their potty and Carter always needs to wipe.
They are saying so much and I always laugh at the random words they choose to copy, lately they have been saying dude!
When they blow on their food to cool it off.
I love the way they dance, apparently, Carter is a fan if the Big Bang era.  We were at a restaurant and that type of music was playing and he was just jamming out.
I love how the first thing they do when they walk into our room is turn on the radio on the alarm clock.
I guess this has been the case for a while, but tonight I noticed at times when you hold them, they really grab on to you and wrap their arms around you tight. It is really sweet.
I still love how on an occasion I will go in to check on them sleeping and they will be sound asleep on their knees with their butts pointed up.  So CUTE!
I don't get them daily anymore, but I always love a good kiss from them.
I love when I pick them up from daycare and they come running for me as fast as they can possibly go!
I love how Carter is always "practicing his jumps" and I have no idea how we started calling it that.  Maybe because he rarely gets off the ground.
I love their animal sounds, my favorites are the elephant, rooster and Dylan's cat, i love when they do the fish face too.
I don't love this, but it makes me laugh a little- I will put their sandals on, then Carter will want to wear his shoes, then by the time I take Carters sandals off, shoes on, Dylan needs shoes too!

{Mommy and Carter}
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Crazy neighbor update

Sunday Keith was brave enough to talk to our neighbor.  He got an earful right away and then managed to calm him down to resolve the issue somewhat.  Seems like there are a lot more issues going on with this guy and the city letter really set him off.  So we are doing our best to keep Stella away, but are afraid somebody else might turn him in again.  So we were feeling a little better about the situation and then tonight he went off on Mitch, our neighbor.  He thought Mitch was snooping in his garage.  So weird!!!

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Dad's back!

We spent  most of the morning picking up around the house and playing.  Then we took the boys to Panera for lunch, which was a little chaotic.  Last night when we opened one of the boxes of the boys new shoes, we discovered that we only had one, so we had to go back and get its match.  So by the time we did all that, Keith's plane landed and we picked him up at the airport. 
Mom had to leave for a bday party in Iowa, so the four of us took a nice nap!  I was a little tired since Carter got up at 5:50.  After about an hour the boys took a nap.  At one point today I went into their room, the two were twirling in circles until they would fall down.  It seemed to make them a little tired at least!
The boys were glad to see their dad and I was glad the weekend went really well!  The boys were great most of the time, much better than the last bachelor party Keith attended.

Sometimes having two of everything doesn't work!
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