Monday, October 12, 2015


So my boys only have a few more days of being SIX!  Really?  How is this  possible, it seems like I was just bringing them home from the hospital.  I feel like once they are seven, they will no longer be "little" boys.  Just like every other year, the year has been jam-packed....

Kindergarten.  Learned to Read.  Soccer.  T-ball.  Fun at the Farm.  Gymnastics.  Snow Forts.  Dance Parties.  Wrestling. Creature Catching.  So many Lego Creations.  Learned to Swim.  Monkey Bars.  Lots of Boating.  Lego Camp.  Sibley Vacation.  First Triathlon.  Ninja Warrior.  Mud Run. PiggyBack Rides.  GeoCaching.  Cartwheels, so many cartwheels by Carter!  Bike Rides.  Hide and Go Seek.  Being Silly.  Neighborhood Parties.  High Dive Flips. Fights over Blue Blanky.  First rides on the School Bus.  Endless Fort Building.  Many S'mores & Root Beer Floats.  Backyard Camping.  Tree Climbing.  Piano Lessons.  Lots of snuggles. Too Much Growing Up!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


This girl is a hoot!  She is getting so big so fast - lately she has really seemed like such a big girl.  She's still a huge daddy's girl.  she loves doing anything her brothers do and if she's not, trust me, you will hear about it!  She just started ballet and had her second class tonight.  She started a new preschool a few weeks ago and LOVES it!  She loves playing with all the neighbor girls, especially Nora.  She went to Nora's house for an hour while Keith and I were both gone and she thought she was a pretty big deal.  She told me she wasn't even going to be shy.  She does awesome sleeping in a big girl bed, but has turned into a super grump in the morning.  Her hair has gotten super long, I think I am finally ready to give it a trim.  She's been really into eating cherries lately!  She loves riding around her little motorcycle most.  She's a total dirt bag and NEVER wears shoes, none of my kids do.  I have no idea why???  Overall, she's been quite silly!  

This is her potty chart, we were having the hardest time with her pooping her pants all the time, this one worked!!! I told her when she filled it she could get a new bike.  

I let her read in bed for a while, she usually gets up and shuts off the light- this night she must have fallen asleep mid book.

This girl only wants to wear dresses - she did not get this from me!  


She loves her "pack back"

First day she got her new back pack she loaded it with ... food!

We took her to toys r us to pick out her new bike.  I tried to talk her into this one - but a frozen bike it was!  She absolutely was a no go on this one.

She built "Polk City" one day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


If you are a kid around here you would probably agree that Adventureland is the bomb!  Well, sorta.  I'm still a little ticked at them for taking out one of my all time favorite rides - THE LOG RIDE!  It's such a great first roller coaster for kids.  And it's awesome.  Bad call on a lands part.  My work did an employee day, which worked out great since it's a bit pricy to get in these days since they added the water park.  And it poured right when we pulled into the parking lot.  Luckily the weather cleared up for a great day.  

Looks happy???  She was a stumbling mess by the time we made it home!

First stop - THE GALLEON.  They better not take this out or I may have to boycott.  I love doing this ride with the kids because they laugh and laugh and laugh.  We went about 5 times.  We also took Olivia, I should have done a video because as we went up and down it was smile, frown, smile, frown:)

Olivia loved the Green Frog Hopper.

At this point she remembers having a really good time.  Second time didn't go as well.

Carter got a little bit of fear in him this year.  He wasn't loving life during the Dragon and chose to skip the Tornado.  Dylan was good to go - still no fear for him.  

It looks like I didn't take any pics at the waterpark.  

And this never happens!  

And Olivia's first and last trip on the log ride.  I love this picture!!!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter