Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Phone Dump...

You will be getting more of these since I can get my pics off my phone easily now!

Here are a couple pictures from Sarah and Olivia's fun day.  She took her to the zoo and the pool in Norwalk, they had a blast!!!  

The boys stayed with my parents one night so we took Olivia on a little Sushi date downtown....SUCCESS.

This was the only time she would wear her birthday hat.

The boys have been all about this tree at my parent's house.  It's grow so much since i was a kid!

I think this was a pic from our first round of hand, foot and mouth this summer.  

Check out her princess shoes.

I love these guys!

This  was cracking me up-Olivia vs the big kids.

This was little league night at high school game.

i guess we should have gotten one of these for them.

Maybe not my best idea.  What a mess!  

We did rootbeer floats with the neighborhood kids for Olivia's bday.  

I took the kids on a nature walk around the neighborhood.

Head band. check.
Headband #2. check.
Clippy.  check.

I thought she was going to hold the stickers like this the entire time we were at the store.


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