Monday, July 29, 2013

Olivia's 1 year pics- sneak peek

I couldn't be more happy with how these pictures turned out, can't wait to see the rest of them!  And the extreme humidity worked out great, look how wavy Olivia's hair is!  My baby is looking so darn big, how did that happen?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blue, YELLOW, green, red and we are cast free!

(now what the heck are we going to do with these?)

Just under six weeks and we are back to full speed (almost).  Initially, we thought he would probably have a cast on for another week or two after they removed the pins.  Surprisingly, even after I kindly reminded the doctor that he's not the sit-around-and-color kind of kid, he did not need another cast.  He did say the bone where the break was is actually stronger now than it was before.  However, the arm is weaker, so if he fell on that arm he would be at higher risk of breaking it.

I missed the first three cast removals, so I was happy Keith took a video.

LAST DAY!!!  It's only natural that his favorite gorilla shirt is there for moral support on pin-removal day.  Carter came with, he thought it was pretty cool seeing the cast come off.

Carter has been a pretty awesome brother helping Dylan out with his broken arm.  He would help him with his seat belt and one night they told me that Carter color's pictures for him at school:) (that totally melts a mom's heart)

And this looked about as bad as it sounded!  WOW, didn't really expect them to be sticking out like hangers.  EEEK!  He was totally fine with them walking around.  I was a bit stressed the 20 minutes those were exposed as he about ran into about a dozen things.  

We weren't sure what to expect with pulling these guys out.  Went great.  The first didn't hurt at all, the second he moved a bit, but no fuss!  Then they wrapped it up for a couple days.  I didn't think Dylan thought much about it being wrapped up.  But the doctor said two days and on Saturday morning I woke up to him with his arm in my face telling me to take off the wrap!  

Afterwards, Dylan knew he had a special treat waiting for him.  He really wanted to go to Casey's.  I offered to take them to Des Moines to Scratch Bakery (amazing cupcakes) - and he said no- CASEY'S!  We couldn't argue with him, it was his pick! 

Outside of the flow of hospital bills I have been receiving weekly, these six weeks could not have gone better.  He did so well with the cast.  Didn't complain a bit!  A few nights before he got it off he was telling me at night - that cast arm gets really hot!  OBVIOUSLY, it's been 100 degree temps here!  I was surprised he hadn't said it was itchy or hot.  And sure enough there was a bit of a heat rash on his arm when they took the cast off.  He doesn't seem to have full motion yet, but is doing pretty well.  I think he forgets to use his right arm sometimes, I've been seeing him doing some things left-handed still.  I sure hope we are done with broken bones here!  
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Why Not?

I heard him say something about that sock on his arm was because he had a broken arm!  Why not make it two?
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I would classify my Monday as a Chaotic Monday

I guess you could say we somewhat started out as a normal morning

You know any day that starts out with lining up behind a pilot car can add a touch of chaos to your day as you have an automatic set back- especially when you JUST MISSED THE PILOT CAR.  Have you ever seen these videos – shit people never say.  This one really cracks me up.
I think they should add, “awesome, I get to wait for a pilot car”.  On Tuesday I had to follow not one, but two pilot cars.  And officially will be taking a different route for the next couple weeks.  The good news is one of the pilot cars was because they are adding a ninth stop light to my commute.  Oh wait – maybe another, things people NEVER say - sweet, I love sitting at stoplights. 

So what else happened Monday?  Well to be perfectly honest, I can’t even remember what all happened most of the day, but I did NOT forget about this little 5:00 surprise.  Silly me left a full can of pop in my car and it was so hot on Monday, the top literally popped off, which equaled Cherry Dr. Pepper all over my car. Maybe something else people don’t say, “I get to clean my car”!  Well, my car needed cleaned so I guess this was my motivation (which actually didn’t happen until Tuesday night) – I know, all you type A folks are screaming.  Seriously – DIDN’T HAVE TIME!

So I finally got home, actually had turkey burgers and plans to grill.  Organization at its finest!  Then Keith asked, do you smell that gas?  It was strong, so that took grilling off our list of things to do.  So we decided to go to Des Moines for dinner and to buy the boys new life jackets.  (Turns out construction workers broke a couple of gas lines- all it OK). 
Going to Des Moines was really NOT a good idea.  Olivia may have been the crabbiest she has EVER BEEN! Another phrase people never say, “I hope my baby cries the entire time we are in the car.” The boys were even trying to sing to her and tell her stories; they kept saying it’s not working!  We made it to Macaroni Grill for a semi-chaotic dinner.  I did get to take D to the bathroom two times.  They both ate like a loaf of bread and Carter thought it was just the best water he’s ever had and he just LOVED that bread.  He kept saying, I just love this bread.  Too bad they barely left any room for the food we paid for.  We survived in our back corner of the restaurant, and then it was off to buy life jackets.
Sometimes my boys are good at the mall, and sometimes they hide in racks and run away and it’s really not all that much fun!  We brought Olivia’s stroller in, just so we could push it while we could hold her or she ran away.  I managed to keep her busy re-merchandising the golf ball section, while Keith and the boys worked on life-jackets.  I think we were stressing out the poor teen salesman helping us.  Dylan was asking him about these ropes and he was like your dad is over here as he passes me and Olivia with the golf-balls, good thing he didn’t see the near-incident with the golf clubs (nobody was hurt), finally found life jackets and got the heck out of there! 
Managed to get a couple snap-shots on the way out.  I mean who walks straight to the car!  And really Carter, this kid cannot walk by anything without climbing on it. 

SOlivia cried most of the ride back home until she finally fell asleep.  She has a nasty molar or too coming in. Another thing people don’t say, “I love when my baby gets new teeth.”     
We left just on time to see these crazy storm clouds moving in.  We made it home right before the rain came.  Keith put Olivia to bed.  The boys made a huge mess in my closet but they were totally entertained – might have left them in there longer if it wasn’t bed time. Took forever to get them to their room, but finally got everyone to sleep!  Glad it’s almost Friday.
And I think it would be fair to close with, people never say, “I love Mondays.”

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breakfast at our house

Here is  a snapshot of breakfast at our house.  I would consider this one a success with no spills!

Monday, July 22, 2013

A few more pics

These two again!

Little camp out

Hopefully we will get to see more of these three now that they are closer to us!  
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Fun ISU get-together!

Our friends Kelly and Eric moved back to Omaha after spending the past 9 years in Florida and Hawaii.  We were happy to be able to do a big get-together before Eric left for a 1 year deployment.  So lots of prayers for him and his family while he is away.  This was our first time meeting Charlie and as you can see, he and Olivia became fast friends.  He kept pulling her pacifier out with his mouth:)  I just love that blonde hair!  

It was nice to see these girls just hanging out with their coloring books as it would NEVER happen on a normal day at our house.  

And the little ones!  Probably wouldn't guess Olivia is the youngest!  Olivia is 12 months, Halle is 18 months and Charlie is around 15 months.

Having friends over is hard work!  

This Jeep has had a lot of miles this summer!
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