Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fashion

Do you ever wonder how a mom stumbled upon her stone-washed Lee’s with the 9” zipper that fully display her socks?  I have always said this WOULD NOT BE ME!!  However, I recently came to the realization that I am at a VERY DELICATE stage in my life where I might fall right into the 9” zipper trap!  I rarely read magazines, let alone fashion magazines, as for TV, it’s mostly HGTV for this girl and let’s face it – I don’t exactly get out a lot (A FB friend asked for bar recommendations last week and I instantly started to answer, only to pause wondering if those bars were still open and then just started to read what others had posted to see what was newL)! Thank goodness for my pretend Pinterest wardrobe to keep me thinking I’m in style. 

Anyway – back to the 9” zipper trap that WE (yep – Keith ,you too) have been falling in!  So I was recently at a friend’s house for a birthday celebration and pull-over, windbreaker jackets (yep- the kind that go chi-chi when you walk) became the topic of conversation.  You know – the ones that are great in the rain.  Well – in case you didn’t know, they are totally out of style!  Lucky for me I lost mine years ago and hadn’t replaced it- but I didn’t know they were out-of-style-scores-you-high-points-on-the-people-watching-list!  Not so lucky for Keith – he wore his old Delt one at the State Fair a few weeks ago – for the rain of courseJ  Anyway, I find this absolutely hilarious but am so disappointed with myself that I didn’t even realizeL  So watch out, if I see you wearing a chi-chi- pullover and if I am whispering and laughing, I am probably talking about you.  And if you have doubts about this – please enjoy this picture that I just saw on Pinterest.  I probably didn’t notice it before – probably just thought “cool jackets” and went on. This time I saw something that made me laugh pretty darn hard and really that quote did me in “the wind never stood a chance”. 

You’re welcome for the fashion tip this week! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My latest Pinterest project

As I have mentioned before - like most projects, here is another that I will reveal at 95% complete, since   who knows when we will be 100% complete!

I saw this dark wall with white frames on Pinterest here and decided I wanted to do something similar.  I decided the wall connecting our bedroom and master bath would work well - except one challenge was the arch that connected to the wall.

So initially I painted the wall on the left, but it just looked odd.  I was a bit nervous to paint the entire hallway in case it looked like a dark tunnel.  Now that I painted it all, I'm happy I did!  It looks much better with all of it painted than the one wall.  

Then it was time to put many years of picture hanging to use!  I knocked this out in record speed - about an hour!  Which is pretty impressive for me because I lined them up - not just my typical quick eye the spot - nail in the wall, step away and review, add a second nail and reposition- OK, just right approach.  I wanted them to line up, so I had to be a bit more on the precise side.  I did use picture hanging wire to speed up the hanging process.

So now about those green frames in the earlier posts???  I couldn't find the frames I wanted and found these at Michael's in green, so I ended up buying them and spray painting them a sparkling silver.  

Now what I am waiting on would be the pictures to fill the frames, I will be putting some of our maternity pictures in these.  

The boys were funny about these.  First they said, is that mom and dad - where is Carter and Dylan.  Then this morning Carter asked me if that was their "old dad".  

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Miss Oliva

It seems Miss Oliva has several names….
Sweet P, Little Miss O, Tiny Tiny Baby, Chunky Monkey 
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These silly boys

Here are a few Carter & Dylan stories I tried to remember - I forget everything these days!

  • One morning the two found this coloring book and they kept talking about the "coffee machine" and the "coffee room".  I really couldn't figure it out and they were so engaged with it and kept going into the office and talking about this coffee machine and one knew where it was and how to do it.  I was feeding Olivia, so I couldn't get up and then finally I figured it out - COPY machine in the COPY room!  At school the teachers must photocopy coloring book pages for them to color.    Unfortunately, our "coffee machine" is out of order, so no copies that day.  So they brought their coloring books to school for their teachers to make copies.  
  • When I was leaving for work Carter said, "Dad will have to feed Olivia a bottle because milk doesn't come out of his tummy".  We just go with it:)  Nursing has brought on quite a few questions from the boys, but they don't quite have it all figured out yet.  
  • Oh Miss Candace - Carter sure loves her.  I think I mentioned on here before that he loves her:)  Tonight when I got to school, she told me that Dylan had invited her over for dinner and since she didn't know where our house was.  I was a bit worried that we might have a rough night without a dinner guest since on the way home Dylan kept asking me if she was behind us.  Luckily he bought that she had other plans.
  • Carter broke Keith's heart last night when they were reading stories, he told him that when they were big they won't want to be in his arms anymore:(
  • Tonight I did something wrong with Dylan's Popsicle and he told me, "now I'm furious", which sounded more like fearess - I asked him where he heard that one and he told me Uncle Jeff.  I have a feeling that was not the case!  
  • Now that we have DVD players in the car we had to make a rule that we only watch shows on long trips (mostly we don't want to spend 15 minutes getting a movie to play on our 5 minute ride to daycare), so 2-3 times a week one of them tells me we should go on a long trip to Minnesota.
  • When I went to work this week Dylan told me he wanted to go with, I told him he probably shouldn't because he would smell stinky from the spices, so he said he would stay in the parking lot, I told him that was a bad idea because people smoke out there, he told me - I have an idea, I will walk you in and wait for you on the sidewalk and he said he would sit there all day:)
  • At a school they were talking about what they want to be when they grow up - Dylan told them a construction worker and Carter - a horse:)  This morning he told me a horse costume???  So I have a feeling I will be on a hunt for a horse Halloween costume:)  
OK - that's a lot of stories!  These two talk a lot!  

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

She slept through the night!

I think everyone probably remembers that magical night when their child sleeps through the night the very first time.  I remember around 9 weeks with the boys we were at Keith's parents for Christmas and the boys slept for about 5 straight hours.  We finally saw some light through a very dark and hazy tunnel.  

And with Olivia - on Tuesday morning she started to wake up around 6:00 and Keith was really excited, waking me to share the big news with me.  And then I had to break the news that the bigger news was that he had been in a deep sleep and didn't notice we were up and I fed her around 3 that morning.  

I do hope to share a special, Olivia sleeping through the night, story with all of you soon!  I must say though, she does give us longer stretches here and there where the boys were every three hours around the clock for a couple months.  

Thanks Grandma Susie

Thanks for watching Olivia so we could have fun at the fair!  
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Fun at the fair!

Last week Keith's mom came down to help me survive out with the kids since Keith had to go on a trip for work.  On Thursday he got home early, so she stayed home with Olivia so we could make another trip to the fair to hit up the rides we missed from rain.  We made a major rookie mistake - we thought we would go "cheap" (ha- not possible at the fair) and buy tickets per ride instead of buying the wristbands for unlimited rides.  Well, the tickets go pretty fast when it costs the entire family $20 to do the Ferris wheel.  Which was totally NOT worth it, but it was all the boys could talk about when we skipped it at adventureland and when we went to the fair and it rained on us and all they talked about on the way to the fair.  Then when we arrived to the fair this time we thought we were in really big trouble when they were doing some "maintenance."  Just what I want to hear- one thing I really don't do is rides that arrive on wheels with quick assembly.  So these kind of rides really aren't too high on my list.  Anyway - $20 later, my boys couldn't have been happier to end their trip to the fair on the Ferris wheel.  That sounds nice, right.  That's what Keith and I thought, actually, they were straight up pissed because when they were on the Ferris wheel they saw all the rides we didn't go on and really wanted to do just "one more ride" and resulted in a bit of kicking and screaming on the way out.  But they did have a good time and were sound asleep before we hit the interstate.  

Next year we are bringing Uncle Nick - he doesn't do roller coasters, but I bet Carter and Dylan can convince him to go on a few.  


Here is something I never thought I would say - When we were walking around at the fair, I felt like we were on a date!  I guess it is all about perspective - I don't think I ever thought going somewhere with Carter and Dylan gave me the freedom feeling like I was on a date, but I guess not having the extra gear that you carry with a baby gave me a different feeling.  Not that she gives us too much trouble, but I guess you just haul more stuff and one of us is usually carrying her, so maybe the free hands.  Maybe we are just due for a real date:)  

The boys enjoyed some fair food!  Carter was loving Keith's chocolate dipped cookie dough.  I had a fabulous gyro and the boys gobbled up a  pork chop on a stick.

This bull was HUGE!!!!

I need to post some videos of the boys on the big trampoline.  We did it again and the lady showed the boys how to do flips -so they flipped and flipped and flipped and flipped….you get the picture!  
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Purple Ride

Since this is our last baby, I went with the purple stroller!  We have been really happy with our City Mini Double Jogger, so we decided to go with the single version for Olivia.  They made some modifications since we bought the boys, it's light weight, folds up really easy and compact, pushes easily and is a pretty good value, so I think it will work great for her.  Unfortunately, she is still too small for  this one - so it will be a few months before we are cruising along in purple.   
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Some things the boys have been busy with

Carter colored this bird house and picked this tree to hang it in, which was just the right size.  He is very proud of it and has told me lots of birds live in it.  

Now that we can step outside without frying again we are back to dinner on the porch.

They are really into watching me paint things!

I've been busy trying to go through the boys' old clothes and things now that we won't be having anymore boys.  So they found these flip flops and insisted on them fitting and wearing them.

If any of you have friends with twin boys - let them know I will selling lots of clothes.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles.  I hate bubbles:)  But the kids love them, so what do you do???

We had our first sleepover with Cade - huge hit!!!

  • Friday night the boys camped out with Keith in the backyard.  They were super excited about it, Carter told Keith that he couldn't wait to go to sleep!  They stayed out there all night and actually slept until 8ish. 
  • A couple weeks ago we had vacation bible school and swimming lessons.  Both went really well!  The boys absolutely loved the swimming lessons.  It worked out great, a girl down the street did the lessons, so I would walk them down and leave.  I could hear them talking for about 10 houses.  They are doing really well going under and learned more from her in 4 days than we have accomplished with each swim.  
  • Riding bikes!  Always a summertime favorite
  • Eating a lot of Popsicles - me too:)  
  • Saying  lots of silly things.  Carter will say, "DYLAN….dylan, dylan, dylan" - you know with the he's doing it wrong tone. Or Dylan - bud, bud - honey, honey do it this way.  
  • Or you get to hear things back, so we are at the age where WE must choose our words wisely.  Last week Dylan told me I have two choices! 
  • Dylan also has lots of big ideas, he is always saying - OK mom, I have an idea!  Or that was a really good idea.  
  • Watching the Wiggles - we lost our one and only Wiggles movie for nearly two years.  It is a 30 minute movie and every time we are in the car they want to watch it.  When we went to visit Keith's grandparents, I think they watched it about six times. 
  • They are starting to add on little phrases to what they say - Dylan was tell me something one day that kept ending with "that's what I heard" or I hear a lot of "that's cool".  
  • Oh- and they are scared of everything right now and insist I go to the bathroom, to the basement to their room with them - you name, one of us needs to be with them.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family of Five

I'm not going to lie my friends, having 3 kids 3 and under is no cup of tea.  I have to look at pics like this from time to time to remind me how lucky I am even though I have some really hard days.  Or sometimes just a few really hard hours here and there.  I don't regret having them close in age, I would have actually preferred they were even closer in age, but it can just be hard some nights.  The good news is they get to grow up together and will share many memories and experiences together.  I have a bigger family and enjoy that and what our kids to experience that too.  But for this moment in time, we have a tired mommy and daddy!  And of course we are not alone - we have lots of friends with more kids closer in age and we are lucky we have each other and lots of family to help us out and keep us from going 100% crazy (we are probably already 75% there).

So for the next few months - expect us to be on the forgetful, spacey side.  We will rise from the haze again eventually.  
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Another sneak peek at my latest Pinterst project

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