Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Turning 33 and a few more...

Well - 33, probably isn't so bad.  Thinking back to 23, I would say my life has changed significantly over the past 10 years.  When I was 23, I was in my last semester at ISU, I got married and moved across the country.  So a few more unknowns.  If I take it back another 10 - that would bring to 7th grade, which totally rocked!  But again, I think I might like 33 better.  However, I would absolutely take those summer vacations back any day!  And I could go for a float in the old swimming pool!  So here's to another great 10!  And I am terrified for 43 because 43 = 2, 16 year olds!  NOT READY FOR THAT.

And this is probably the best part about being 33.  The kids were so darn excited to give me birthday presents, they couldn't wait any longer and had to wake me up!  Doesn't really get much better than that.  Dylan got me a new yellow candle, Carter got me a vase and Olivia gave me a present from Keith.  He got me a cool necklace that I love!  

This card was pretty awesome too.

I love watching them play together.

Always on top of each other.  Just watching TV like this.

These two are straight up trouble!

THe boys are under there, bubble sheet with the vent blowing in.  
My BIG girl!

not everyone can wake up with hair like this!

Office prank for my bday.

So Keith pulled a fast one on me with a surprise birthday party at 5:00 on a Wednesday.  So fun!  I do love a good surprise.

Liv hanging with her friends at daycare.  

The day it was warm enough to go outside!

Olivia totally scored at my neighborhood swap party.  She got those two Minnie Mouse cups and insists on using both, all the time!  She also got several princess books.

Hard at work!

Just waiting for Keith to finish his shower - with the sock hands.

more sock hands

Walked out to this after putting Olivia to bed.

What's up with the Bormanns?

I just added some pic from my phone, that seems to be my main source for pics these days.  So this is one my favorite way to see kids sleeping and I love that sometimes the boys still sleep this way!  

This  is Olivia rocking her PJ pants like a scarf - like mom.  I think one of my favorite things is seeing her do things I do!  

Dylan got this trophy for a PTA art project and he was so excited about it he slept with it!

Snow day!

It's exhausting being two.

Not too often these two cuddle up on my lap like this anymore.

Oh boy - what's new???  Well, unlike these pictures, Spring is here!  Still some cold days, but we are LOVING being back outside and have had  few meals in the driveway already.  The boys are getting a bit over-booked right now.  We've been doing gymnastics with all three since October, which has been going really well.  Dylan started taking piano lessons a couple months ago (all his choice!).  He does pretty well, and I can even play Old McDonald now!  He seems to be really enjoying it.  Then they are starting Tball and Soccer, so we are going to drop the gymnastics until Fall.  

The stomach flu made two and hopefully only two visits to our home last week.  Thursday for Dylan, Sunday for Carter.  Dylan definitely had the better situation between the two.  As for me, Sunday at 5 am, I woke up to fast feet running and stopping in front of my bed and a splat splat- and it was on from there.  

Olivia has been a fun shopping partner lately!  And it's been working out for her because her Frozen accessory collection has multiplied.  Most of it's so cheap and she loves it!  She found a purse in the $3 spot- big hit!  She was wearing it throughout the store.  Of course last Saturday I asked her if she wanted to go shopping and said no, she wanted to play with her friends- I was thinking, oh no, getting ditched already.  Too bad for her it was a Saturday and not a school day.  

I rocked a minivan curious of my brother for about two weeks, while my car was getting fixed.  Did I mentioned my car broke down?  Thank goodness it was close to home, and Keith wasn't traveling.  Thank you Jeff for the loaner.   The kids were really starting like riding in the "ban". 

Olivia's been really fun lately - but she sure does cry a lot.  About what, you might be wondering?  About everything! Anything from a broken cereal bar, to the bubbles being wrong to not wanting to go to bed.  However, I felt terrible last week! I took Carter on a Mom/Carter date and she was bawling because she wanted to go so bad!  I felt awful about it.  Carter and I did have a good time and  I managed to spend a lot of money on our little date in Polk City.  Started out with ice cream at the cafe, then he wanted a root beer that he took half back home for Dylan.  Then we went to the library, where we had $11 in overdue books?? Then he really wanted to go to Casey's to get Keith a present too.  He picked him out a mountain dew, two juices for Olivia and five lotto tickets later we were out of there! 

This girl should probably be getting to bed!  

The one day I finally put the white shirt on Carter spills his ENTIRE chocolate milk.  I might just start buying all black for them.

We went Tubing at sleepy Hallow for a school event. the boys loved it! You definitely pick up quite a bit of speed going down this slope.

We love, love, love these magnetic shapes, the boys build the coolest things with them.  Even Olivia likes playing with them.  If you are looking for a kid gift, I highly recommend them. 

Carter did an allergy testing - good news, he has no allergies!  Bad news, he had to get all these pokes!  The Allergy doctor we saw was great, so he made it a bit easier.


I was loving this, I turned around and she was all cuddled up to Dylan.  

We went to a Iowa Wild hockey game to watch one of our neighbor friend's son play between periods.  The kids had a really good time - just enough action to keep these guys tuned into a sporting event.  

This girl loves reading books right now.

I took her to the urgent care a while back.  She was a hoot during this entire visit.  She even pulled out a fake cough for the doctor!  


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter