Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I can't get enough scratch cupcakes!  Yum. Yum. Yum. Except when you go 20 minutes before they close and they are out of wedding cake:(. The kids still had fun!  Except carter, he did not want to leave our house and did not want, nor did he eat a cupcake. 

Here are a few random ones...

As the boys get older, the random quotes have declined, but here are a few....

In the car, Carter randomly says, "If I ever saw Sara Bareilles, I would tell her she is skinny".  WHAT??? I don't think he even knows what she looks like.

Tonight I gave Olivia a washcloth during bath and she said, "thank you lady".  Lady??? Really?

Tonight Dylan told me that he is going to be an astronaut (same story for a while) and a Candy Buyer.  So then wondering where the heck this came from?  He then said, well he was going to to buy candy and give it to Carter to build with.  Again, what? To build Candy Land.  So I guess they have plans because Carter quickly chimed in on the Candy Land plan.

Keith told Carter that it has snowed and he said, ahhhhh, winter is being such a sassy pants and spring is trying to make it go away but it won't.

They are super tired of this never-ending winter business (WHO ISN'T, IT SNOWED AGAIN TODAY!)...anyway, they were telling me how it's been winter for a year now and they are really mad at winter.

Almost every song in the car, Carter says, "turn it up mom, this is my favorite song."

It seem commercials are really effective on 5 year olds.  Almost EVERY commercial, the boys tell me they need what they are displaying.  And they take in every little selling point.  Mom, look, we need the Snackie - you can put snacks in it and drink out of it.  If it falls it won't spill.  You definitely need that mom. Party in the tub light, they want that too.  Then tonight Dylan was asking me why that commercial about that junior game says it's new when it's not new.  Again after some questions I figured out he was talking about Monopoly Junior.  And they must have a "new" version. And now they really want to play monopoly.

Sock hands

She has been doing this a lot lately. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love this girl:).....UPDATE

Forget this comment I said on this picture.  I was looking at it today and wondering why there was a beer by the bed, and a phone, oh and it's not our bed. Vacation picture!  This winter must be getting to me.  I better go back to Jamaica.  

I don't even remember this one. Maybe Keith was gone. 
Olivia working so hard to get her socks in. 

Here we are at 20 months with Olivia and I have mentioned before that somehow we missed the step of putting her down awake, so we still rock the girl to sleep.  Generally Keith does it, but I put her down one night this week and I was quickly reminded why we still rock her to sleep.  I LOVE IT!  It is a bit of a pain when it comes to other people putting the kids to sleep and I know it’s good for her to put herself to sleep and it would give us a little more time to finish up all the chores of the night, but I can’t really think of a better way to have a little extra bonding time. It is a moment to step away from the craziness of whatever else might be happening and hold her close and enjoy her while she is still little enough to snuggle up in my arms and drift off to sleep.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

A new pace

I’ve noticed myself quietly sitting on the couch more often lately than I have in five years.  I’m not sure what to think of it.  Possibly the kids are just getting easier.  Perhaps I’m finally used to parenthood.  Maybe we have finally hit a calmer routine since it’s been two or more years since we’ve moved, had job changes or had babies.  Or possibly the calm before the storm!  I don’t ever want to say parenting gets easier at any phase, I think we just face different obstacles at each stage.  Next year the boys will be school and our kids will become more self-sufficient but we will become the bus driver shuttling kids between activities.  I’m not sure I’m ready for this stage, I like hanging out in our neighborhood.  However, I will take this phase any day over dating, driver’s license and teenage decision making. 

As for now, I guess I will continue to take it all in.  The boys seem to keep extra busy playing legos and can do so many things without my assistance these days.  Olivia seems to do her best to do what her brothers are doing.  She can be challenging at times with 20 month old- I’m doing this myself or I’ll scream until you get me what I want moments – but more often than not she is cracking us up as we watch her learn and pick up new things.  Like her latest phase – hands in the pockets and she always wants to wear shirts with pockets.  And all the new things she says with the sweetest little smile. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

A bit of this and that

Well, tonight at bedtime I told the boys I had a work trip.  Then Carter said, "mom, you know what I really hate and I am really mad about....work trips!"  Then Dylan said, I agree with that too!  Seems like every couple weeks either I have been gone or Keith has been gone. Guess they are noticing.  Overall, I don't travel too much, but I think they like it best when we are all home.  And I do too!  

These pictures are from Costco, they had a free shop night.  We did not have long enough to shop or kids who were up for me to price shop, so we bought a few random things - including a 2 lb pack of mozz cheese Keith is wondering if I will come up for a good use for before it expires. We didn't end up with a membership.

This weekend was fun.  Friday I went to a Norwex party.  I guess this place just got a little cleaner.  Saturday we went to lunch for my mom's bday and picked up Alec and Cade for a sleepover since Jennifer and Cory went to the Big 12 in KC.  What a good year to be there!  The boys also had a bday party at a gymnastics place in Des Moines - I'm certain they had a fabulous time, they love those places.  Sunday I took the kids back to Baxter and then we just stayed inside most the day since it was cold and snowy.

OK, now I think I will be heading to bed!  I'll try and write more tomorrow.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

About as big as we go on St. Patrick's Day around here.  I would also like to add a credit here that this post is actually ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY!    Totally ahead of the game here.

I love this girl!

My hair was a little crazy like this when I was little too.  

Guess what they are doing

Looking at Legos online:)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Take me back. Take me back. Take me back!!!!

I'm hoping we had our final burst of snow last night (AND THIS IS A CURRENT POST ON MARCH 16).  The ISU Cyclones won the big 12 tournament last night for the first time since 2000, so that made it much easier to take in the snow falling.  HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!! WOO HOO!!!  GO STATE.

Bormann Christmas

This year we went to Sibley for a few days for Christmas.  The boys had lots of fun playing with Keith's old toys and playing with their cousin Oliver.  Although, Olivia and Oliver kept pretty darn busy.  She copied absolutely everything he was doing!  I have a bunch of pictures on my phone I will have to dig up and post.  

Well - it started off well:)

Look how big Kasper is getting!  And that was like 4 months ago.

She has it down!

Olivia spent a lot of time hanging out on the steps.  This is the guitar she got, she loved it!  I think Oliver liked it even more, he played it about the entire time we were there. 

Oliver and Olivia walkin around on their knees.

Olivia is a big fan of Grandpa Karl, she doesn't let him get too far away from her.  He had to leave one day and she kept looking for him at the door.

We got all sorts of great gifts from everyone and the kids came home with lots of fun new toys.  We have some VERY lucky kids!!!  And us too!

More Christmas pictures

still plugging away at these!  Getting close, perhaps by April!

I feel terrible it took me so long to upload that any good stories I had to share are possibly forgotten.   As always, everyone was spoiled with all sorts of goodies!  Most importantly, I got some new sweatpants and a new sweatshirt.  You will probably see it in a lot of pictures to come.

Olivia was being funny here, she start rubbing Cory's head.  She must like his hair.

Present opening is a lot of work when you are 1.

Can't go wrong with legos with these two!

Now if they could close their eyes at the same time.

Olivia and Alec checking out the new kitchen! This has been a big hit at our house.  I think Alec likes it too.


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