Saturday, May 23, 2009


I’m so excited to announce that Keith is officially a graduate from St. Thomas University. He started working on his MBA fall of 2006. After many, many long nights and some hard work here and there he is 97.86% complete. He still has to take a summer class, which will be one night a week. We already have it planned out. It is 10 nights, he is allowed two absences, so that brings it down to 8 nights and he is hoping that the professor will cancel at least one session.

This last semester was probably the roughest one for all of us! The boys were sick for a good 8 weeks this winter and it was somewhat a struggle some of those nights when Keith was at school. Fortunately, my mom and Keith’s mom both came up for a handful of class nights to help me out!

Unfortunately, Keith's graduation was the same weekend as Nick's, so we didn't have a large group to watch Keith graduate. The Sander's clan was so kind to come over and watch the boys for us.
In case any of you were wondering, Keith said he will no longer be voluntarily, pursuing formal education.
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I finally got my flowers planted!

On Saturday I finally got my flower's planted. I was beginning to wonder if this was going to happen this summer. Sarah and Adam came up for Keith's graduation, so I took advantage of the extra help with the boys. I got everything planted in about two hours. I think it took me a longer to get out of the parking lot of the flower shop.

I think it will look nice once the smaller flowers start growing. Lat year I completely over planted.

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Roadtrip Rascals

This was pretty funny, I walked into the living room and Dylan was crawling over Carter. It was a little bit of work, but he made it.
Carter still loves his feet.
Dylan top, Carter bottom
The boys have been troopers! We went back to the good state of I O W A last weekend for my nephews graduation. Our 4 hour trip turned into a 5 ½ hour trip due to some I35 road construction, so Stella and I spent half of the ride in the back with the boys while Keith chauffeured us around.

Keith quickly found other weekend plans to attend a bachelor party in Ames, so he left me with the boys at about 10 am and didn’t make it back until Sunday morning. The boys were pretty good for me all day, but I was a little worn out by the next day!

We were pretty busy most of the weekend. The boys had fun playing with their cousin Cade, who still refers to the boys as “Cart” and “D”.

We managed to make it back without any trips to the hospital, the flu or the boys crying and screaming the entire ride.

This weekend we are heading to Sibley, IA for Nick’s graduation, then next weekend we will be back in Des Moines for the Schultz-Bergeland nuptials.

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I was planning on surprising Keith on his last night of class, but his very last class got canceled. So one night I still decided to move forward with part of my surprise. So I put these hats on the boys on the way home (including myself) from daycare and surprised Keith when he came out to my honking car. We didn't really have much of a party.

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A Turning Point

Just in the last two weeks the boys have changed significantly. They just love playing on the floor and getting into absolutely everything and anything they can find. I’m learning about all the small things I have sitting around the house that I now need to relocate. The two have just been a ton of fun smiling all the time, laughing lots and working hard at perfecting their “crawl”.

Carter is still pretty content sitting, but will pull himself towards his toys. Dylan, on the other hand, will not sit still! I’m now realizing the reason you need to change newborn diapers so often is to perfect your changing capabilities so later on you can change a diaper on a baby while on the move. Some mornings it takes about five attempts to get Dylan’s diaper on as he rolls over and takes off the minute you take his dirty diaper off.

Carter and Sam
Dylan and Carter
Dylan getting ready to eat his shoes
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Funny Boys

Of course Dylan is after the Wii remote
Dylan going after the remote
Carter and uncle Jeff
Dylan, my future scholar

As many of you know, we have color coded our babies: Dylan – Green, Carter – Blue. This strategy has worked well for us, but lately I often catch the boys with the wrong pacifier. So I think we are starting to give up, usually if one gets sick, they both end up sick anyway. Yesterday I was feeding them and Carter had finished his bottle and I was burping Dylan and then I look down and see Carter has grabbed Dylan’s bottle and started drinking it. No wonder he out-weighs Dylan.

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Twin Talk

Lately we have been noticing the boys will be looking at each other and just jabbering, laughing and smiling at each other. It is pretty funny!

Dylan white, Carter blue
It's funny, I was just remembering when I was pregnant and realized the way the boys acted in the womb is aligning with their behaviors today. When I was pregnant, Dylan moved around all the time and Carter kicked here and there, but didn't move around near as much as Dylan.

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Blogging Hiatus

Sorry friends, due to a couple 60+ hour work weeks, I have been struggling to keep up with the blog. The last two months have been a huge blur. Eight days until June??? Really, where has the time gone? For the last few weeks, my days have consisted of this: get the boys ready in the morning and drop them off at daycare, work, get the boys and play with them until they are in bed at about 8:30, then work until midnightish. Repeat. In the meantime, I’m not sure the last time I turned on our stove or folded a load of laundry. My goal this week is to get my life back on track!

Dylan laughing at himself in the stove.
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Where's Dylan?

Dylan is our busy man! This guy has places to be and things to do, he is constantly on the go!

Looks like we need to start baby proofing the house!

That is about as far as he got.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Softball game

On Tuesday night the boys and I decided to enjoy the warm weather and watch Jess play softball. We got to sit on the sidelines with the other babies and try to pay attention. One of our friends Justin Le came to watch as well and he took some pictures while we were cheering Jessica on (actually I was trying to keep our newly mobile boys in one place and entertained).

Jess and Carter

Jess and Carter

Keith and Dylan



Carter (pretty sure)






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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

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