Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bormann Christmas

Over New Year's weekend, we had the big Bormann Christmas in Norwalk at Adam and Sarah's house.  The boys had a lot of fun bouncing in the jump house and playing with their cousin Oliver. 
Keith and I thought we would play a fun prank on Nick.  We bought these SUPER BLUE Lee jeans at Kohl's and wrapped them up with a couple of shirts.  We weren't sure what he would think, but he was a good sport and showed them off for us!
Grandma Bormann has been super busy making blankets!  She made the boys these cool new blankets, which is great because they are getting a little long for a lot of their blankets.  (I might use them more than them) Then she had also been working really hard making quilts for Sarah and me!  Sorry, I don't have a pic! 
Sarah made the boys some super cool super hero capes!  We don't watch much Batman or Superman, so they don't quite get them yet, but they will soon.  I will take a picture of them with them on some night, they are adorable! Overall, it was a really fun weekend! 

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