Sunday, October 30, 2011

Race for the Cure

Last weekend I worked at our Fight Like a Girl booth at the Race for the Cure, then Keith brought the boys for the kids race!!  Well, Dylan didn't want anything to do with it!  Carter was all about it until race time.  I may have traumatized him by leaving him in at the start line. I left him with some quick instruction - stay behind the green line, when they say go, go!  Didn't work out so well.   Maybe a smaller race would have gone better.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time for presents and cake!

Most of our family made it for the party - big thanks to all who came to help celebrate!!!  Since it is usually cool weather for the boys' bday, I have been making soups every year.  This year we did chicken noodle and lasagna soup (interest recipe round two - I think I will make it again!).  I also made hot apple pie - a tasty drink for the adults - YUM!
The boys got all kinds of GREAT GIFTS!!!!  Pretty lucky little boys and they loved them all.  I figured we were good to go when Dylan opened the first present and enthusiastically yelled out A BOX!!!  They are super set on PJs now, they got 5 sets.  So I thought this would be a good time to get rid of any that were above the wrists or ankles.  So they have been looking good every night.  

Scooters were a hit - I'm hoping they can use these in the basement this winter to burn off a bit of energy.

I think Oliver has been hanging out with Uncle Keith too much, his eyes lit up when the boys opened these computers.
The bikes have been a pretty big hit with Carter, he likes to ride his every day - Dylan, not so much.  I guess with time!

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR HELPING US CELEBRATE AND FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL GIFTS!!!  The boys have been playing with all their new toys every night.

It's funny, that night and even now if you ask Dylan about his birthday or how old he is, he says my party is over. It was so much fun this year since they really got into it and enjoyed it too!  Maybe next year I will brave a kids party!
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Oliver was being so funny with Alec, he was trying to tickle his feet and make him laugh.  

Oliver was cracking me up with his hat - I guess he just loves his hats (LUCKY).  I was happy the boys kept them on long enough for this picture, I know they seem totally thrilled!  Cade must have been a fan, the next day he made two at home.  
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3rd birthday morning

I think the boys had a fun morning!  Keith made them pancakes in the shape of 3's, they requested them again the next day - and they had to be 3's, Keith tried smiley faces and Grandpa Karl ended up getting a smiley face.  

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