Thursday, January 6, 2011

And Bucklin grandbaby #7 is.....

a little BOY!  That makes 6 boys and 1 lucky little girl.  My sister Jennifer is due in May.  She had said she was thinking about finding out and would find out on December 27.  After we finished opening presents, she pulled out an ultrasound from her appointment earlier that week and shared the news that Robinson Baby #2 would be a little boy.  So as much as we would love to have another little girl to spoil, the cool thing is Cade gets to have a brother to grow up with and I'm seeing a lot of craziness in the near future with four boys running around, YIKES! 
So I'm not sure what that means for our future odds!  Keith is a family of three boys and his brother has a little boy.  My older sister had two boys then a girl, now two boys for Jennifer.  

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