Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two nights in costumes

A couple more from Saturday night in Baxter

Tonight we went and saw some of the neighbors. The boys were pros tonight!
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A few more pics

Happy Birthday Grandpa Karl!

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Our first ISU tailgate!

We went back to Iowa this weekend to celebrate the boys' second birthday.  It was also Iowa State's homecoming game, so we decided to spend the morning in Ames tailgating.  Tailgating with two little ones is certainly a different experience in comparison to our typical tailgate style. Keith thought it was a little strange pushing a stroller instead of pulling a cooler.  But we didn't plan on staying in Ames, so it was a lot of fun to start developing the boys' love for Cyclone tailgating.
It was a little cool in the morning, but it turned into a beautiful afternoon and we had so much fun seeing lots of college friends.
The boys weren't so sure about tailgating until they discovered the lawn games and then they were sold!  They had a blast playing with the bags.
We also had to trade in their hats for a pair of ISU hats.
They also indulged in lots of tailgating goodies.  Maybe next year we will even take them to a game!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

A few more wedding pics

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Who is that marrying the Funks?

Yep that's Pastor Keith.  He is available for a small fee if any of you are looking for somebody officiate your wedding.  I did have to remind him a couple times that night that just because he was ordained by the World Wide Web does not mean that he is a Father.   
We went to Manchester, IA for the wedding and I probably won't share a majority of the pictures becasue things really escalated and got a little crazy.  
The wedding was over by 1ish and we all got on a party bus for about a half hour that took us out to a barn  in the country in the middle of nowhere. And it was a good thing a bus was coming back for us because there was absolutely no way I would have known how to get back to our hotel. And the bus didn't come back until 11ish that night, so were there was a lot of fun to be had. 
The site was beautiful, they had a fire, bags, a band, a DJ, good company and plenty to drink.  And we were about as mature as always and ended up playing that darn fork game, wearing silly hats and sneakily putting inappropiate words on eachothers backs with some stick on letters they had for the kids.  Overall, everyone had a great time!  Then the thirty minute busride home got pretty crazy with everyone dancing!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Always into something...

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Our two are two!

We had a mini celebration for the boys on their birthday.  We always have to convince them to try these kind of things, then they love them.  We are having their actual party this weekend in Iowa, so that will be fun!
We had their two year appointment on Tuesday.  I'm thinking the shots are going to get harder and harder as they get older.  They are usually pretty good about them, but cried pretty hard this round.  I always laugh at these stats with the two of them, because half a pound completely swings the percentile.

Weight:  28.6 lbs, 58%
Height:  35.5, 78%
Head:  19.6, 78%

Weight: 29 lbs 13 oz, 72%

Height: 35, 66%
Head: 19.3, 59%

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twin Game - turn up the volume for this one.

Not sure what Keith put into their drinks before they started this game, that only they "got".

Almost ready for winter!

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What's happening at 2??

  • I think these two have been growing, they have been eating a lot
  • Still won't touch veggies along with many other items
  • They have been interacting quite a bit lately
  • I feel like they really notice if I am paying more attention to one or the other now and then sometimes act out because of it, so that is something I try to be really careful of!
  • They really like sidewalk chalk, markers (not really crayons), playing outside, climbing, puzzles
  • They love jumping, Carter hops around all the time
  • Saying lots of things and stringing a few words together
  • Obsessed with bananas
  • Dylan is Mr. Helper!  This weekend he helped Keith carry boards for the shelves into the house, he always helps sweep the floor and hang up shirts
  • They can't get enough blanket time
  • Working on breaking the pacifiers, I will take any tips!
  • They love Elmo and Thomas the train
  • Stickers are a huge hit
  • We pretty much say "bye" to everything, bye stella, bye Target, bye Thomas.....
  • Carter spots any pumpkin in sight and says "pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins" and always wants to go look at them on the front step and they say "squirrels ate pumpkin, squirrels, squirrels" 
  • Battling pushing, biting and hair pulling
  • Dylan is a total mamma's boy
  • Dylan is going through this phase where he takes my hand and drags me somewhere, then quickly tries to think of something as to why I had to go with him.  So it usually turns into an attempt to get more snacks
  • Carter loves letting Stella in the house
  • They both really like the light switches, they bring their little stools to them and flip them on and off
  • Dylan is really into flushing the toilet
  • They would be so happy if I would let them go up and down the stairs all day
  • We still go potty at bathtime, but haven't attempted total potty training
  • Carter loves books and brings them to us to read all the time
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Our boys are growing up!

Carter & Dylan
I should have known these pictures were never going to go well based on Dylan's reaction on the first one. 
Dylan & Carter
12 months
Carter & Dylan
I still miss those curls!
2 years later, still not big fans of the pictures!
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She's a beaut...

I'm so excited, I got a new laptop at work.   I think it would be safe to say, this not only made my day, but possibly my year! I am in LOVE, it's beautiful.  And the screen is like 3x the size of my old laptop.  Not such a great day for my old computer, something happened to the fan and it would overheat and shutdown without warning.  Not great for work productivity!  But it lived a good life and I think I'm ready to put it behind me and move on to my new MacBook. 


Seven lucky friends are going to come to our house and enjoy a fabulous dinner on this fine china!  It is packed so nice in their boxes that I think I will keep them in there for a bit longer since the kitchen cupboards are a little full!  But someday seven of you will join us for a multi course meal.  We should probably even have some punch so we can use the punch bowl and that will work nice because I have several different types of crystal glasses and we should probably use them all for this fabulous dinner party for nine. Nine you wonder, yes that is an odd number, I intended on getting 10 sets and I see I am short one. We do have 10 sets of flatware, so that we have one extra if needed. 


OK, we will really try to get some haircuts this week!  Dylan's bedhead cracks me up every morning.  Well, actually most of the day. 

Sorry, I will not have any other posts today. There is something not working right with blogger and it is barely working and taking forever to upload images!  SORRY!  I will write more later.


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