Friday, December 26, 2014

Proud Moment

Proof Carter is my child.  He put A1 on his pizza... SO PROUD!  My friend Angie and I used to eat a lot of A1, and I mean a lot by the spoonful.  It was all fun and games on the way to basketball practice until we had to do a zillion Raider Runs.  I still love A1.  

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The story of the best Bormann Christmas Tree - EVER!

Keith always got real trees growing up and my family always had artificial trees.  He always wanted to get a real one, but I was all about my fake tree!  Since we moved into our new house, we talked about getting a taller tree, but had not made the purchase.  So this year I agreed that it would be a fun experience to take the kids to pick out a tree.   

We had a great time going to the tree farm and picking out the perfect tree for our family and took it home right aways.  

This picture doesn't really speak so well to the experience.

Dylan was all about the tree!  I need to get a few pictures from Keith's phone.  Dylan helped every step of the way.  

So when we got it home, we quickly realized she was a bit bigger than it looked at the tree farm.  

I had to make a walmart run for more lights.  We didn't do much for outdoor lights this year, as all efforts were focused on interior illuminations. 

I had great helpers decorating.  Please ignore the kids on the ladders picture.  

So now we are thinking we will for ever have at least a 11' tree.  Keith and I have both been really enjoying the big tree as well - we wish we could keep it up a bit longer but it is starting to dry out.

And this is my favorite Christmas pic of the season.  
She was actually just really excited about the candy cane.  

We hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, we sure are looking forward to celebrating tomorrow and later this weekend.  Can't wait to see Olivia's eyes light up with each and every little gift- she loves EVERYTHING!  Seriously.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Soccer ended in October.  Overall the boys had a good season.  Towards the end I think they were ready to be done and didn't seem as into it, hopefully they will re-energize by Spring.  Should be interesting to see Olivia play soccer when it's her turn.  

Wordless Wednesday

Boys Bday Party

We had the boys friend party at the Triad Gym in Ankeny. I couldn't be more happy with how well this worked out.  They do all the work for you - they set up the party, they entertain the kids, the kids have the perfect balance of activities and free play time- overall it worked out great!! If you've never been here, they have a family night a couple times a month and we can barely get the kids to leave.  Such a fun place!  

Every time I'm hear I say I'm going to climb the rope and see if I can still make it to the top.  Keith is thinking no, which is why I keep thinking I better give it a try!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter