Tuesday, January 11, 2011

out of space!

The reason the pictures aren't showing up is because I am out of space on our blog.  Didn't know that could happen, so I will have to work on that tonight.  If any of you have had that issue and have any suggestions, let me know!


Andrea said...

i had this same problem. google images which hosts the pictures on your blog only allow for so much,
first, you can go into your Picasa albums which is located by clicking on the "account" tab at the top right of your screen and clean up any duplicate pictures in your albums to give yourself more space.

two, you can buy more space to store photos.
$5 for 20MB

third, you can write your posts in a word document and copy/paste them into blogger and it won't count towards used photo space because you aren't uploading them into the post.

as soon as you upload them into posts it archives them into the Picasa web albums. Also note whatever you delete from Picasa will also be deleted from your blog.

i had a ton of duplicate pictures in my albums so i deleted them first to give me more space, but i'm going to run out of space soon and have to use 1 of the options listed above.

hope that helps...it's so annoying. :)

Andrea said...

ps- I also did some digging and finding that you can upload photos through host sites like Photobucket or Flickr and enter them into your blogs via and HTML code they provide you. This way they won't take up storage space on your blog. It's kinda time consuming but it's easy and works and it's free.


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