Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Silly Boys

It is pretty common to have a little boy clamped to your leg at our house these days

Tired babies:)

The boys looking at the door laughing at the dogs- These two look like trouble:)

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Lots of Fun

Lately the boys have been thinking the front door is a great place to hang out! If you go to the other side and push up against the door, they think it is so funny! It is super cute.
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A few more pics



They still love to crawl over each other

Dylan and Cory
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Another trip to Iowa = another hospital visit


This looks like trouble! (Carter)

The boys just love the dog bones, I have to take them away about every day.


Grandma's hallways sure are fun to crawl up and down!
We have had a rough few nights with the boys!!! This weekend Carter had a terrible temp ranging from 101 - 103.6. Finally on Saturday we decided to take him to Blank in Des Moines to make sure everything was OK since we were going to be in the car for four hours the next day. Everything checked out OK, so we continued with lots of Tylenol and Motrin and cool baths as needed. On Saturday night, both boys were up almost the entire night. Carter ended up sleeping with Keith and I ended up sleeping with Dylan in the guest room.
On Monday we already had a scheduled doctor's visit, but ended up finding out Carter had an ear infection and both boys had thrush. They were thinking the fever was some sort of virus. Today when I was at daycare, I noticed a sign that said "your child has been exposed to hand, foot and mouth disease", I read all the symptoms and theypretty much matched all the symptoms the boys had. I called our doctor back and he still didn't think they had that, but we'll see. Since it is a virus, there really isn't a lot they can do even if the boys do have it. Until this weekend, I think we went at least a month without any doctor visits!!
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Carter & Grandpa

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Big dreams...

Uncle Jeff bought a new car this weekend that he had been eying for months. Keith was so excited to get home and take it for a spin. I think he was more excited about it than Jeff! Based on the pictures, it looks like Dylan will be our car man. Carter didn't seem too impressed:) Keith told Jeff that he thought he would be able to fit two car seats in the back. Hmmm..... not sure about that:)

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So much fun!

This weekend we made a trip back to Iowa. On Friday night, everyone went over to Jennifer's house to celebrate mom and dad's 44th wedding anniversary. Keith and I did the cooking. The boys had so much fun playing with all of Cade's toys, too bad we didn't live a little closer.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


We have a couple busy 8 month old boys, certainly too busy to sit for a picture:) It is a lot of fun watching them learn so many new things so fast these days. So here is a little bit of what is happening right now:
  • both are crawling A LOT... Carter usually crawls on his knees, Dylan is so quick doing the army crawl that he prefers to move get around that way
  • I wouldn't be surprised if these two were walking in the next couple months. They pull themselves up onto everything and Dylan is starting to get brave enough to let go.
  • We recently discovered that both of them have really faint birth marks on the back of their right legs under their knees
  • Carter has one- maybe two teeth, he doesn't really like to let us see, Dylan has two. They both got their bottom right tooth first
  • They are excellent at saying "Da Da", the other night Carter was just smiling up at me and I would say "ma ma" and he would smile back and say "da da"
  • They love to play with anything that they can bang together, kitchen utensils are quite popular
  • They think Stella is really funny, they try and pet her sometimes, she isn't really too impressed
  • We bumped up to size 4 diapers, this is the same size as their 2 year old cousin Cade:)
  • We have been letting them try lots of new foods...I see more and more "Bucklin" in Carter all the time. I let him sample some Pepsi last week and then that is all he wanted. Now he reaches for every blue can in sight.
  • They are now objecting when you take something away from them or don't let them do what they want
  • They will clap their little hands and wave, I'm working on high fives

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8 month pics

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flashback Friday

This picture was taken about 4 years ago the summer we moved to New Jersey. I believe this was one of our first visits to Philadelphia.

(Newlyweds....if we only knew then all the crazy adventures we had ahead of us)

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