Monday, January 24, 2011

"Coffee Time"

Well, the boys are really into coffee time.  Dylan is so much about order, if he sees me with a coffee cup, he runs and gets a spoon to stir it.  Sometimes he orders me to sit on the couch.  And lately, he has to be the one making it!  We'll see tomorrow, but I think he has most the steps down.  I dump the water in, he takes out the old packet, puts in the new, closes the lid and pushes the buttons.  Then gets me a spoon of course!

So I have been warming up milk and putting in a mug for them and yesterday Carter got so excited and just started yelling "coffee time, coffee time" and got his spoon and got in the chair. 
Such silly little guys!  Looks like they must have had a rough night.  Actually I think this was the morning Keith got back, I'm sure we all looked like that after a LONG week!

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