Thursday, November 6, 2014

This and That

Sock Hands


I never seem to blog about much these days besides some updates, so I will go with some odds and ends that you may or may not know about me for your Friday.  That is if anyone even reads this blog anymore.  

On that note- BLOGGERS, I miss you.  If you look at my sad little sidebar, most of you haven't updated in months. I MISS YOU.  Bloggers are dropping like flies.  Even Young House Love quit blogging - $herdogg, I miss you!  

Is anyone else slightly concerned about the return of the 90's?  Is it just me that has noticed?  I do believe I still have my doc martins, I might just jump right back into style.

Did you know I am a little bit obsessed with aviator sunglasses? I love them and have like 10 pairs and I only know the whereabouts of one or two pairs.  I have some blue ones, gold ones, red ones, silver ones and if I see a deal at the Maxx (TJ Maxx) it's likely I'll buy some more.  

We are adjusting back to life inside, I'm slowly accepting that the cold is on its way and it is dark on my drive home.  

We've been trying to make a new recipe every week and I've started a new family 5 star rating system and make the kids try a bite so they can "rate" the recipe.  This has actually worked on getting them to try a few new things... MIRACLE at the Bormann house!  

The boys have taken an interest in my obsession with HGTV, they love Rehab Addict.  Maybe because the host is beautiful.  Even Olivia asks the watch the building show.  

I'm pretty certain when Olivia sees me, these thoughts rotate through her mind.  Fruit snacks, Popsicle, sucker, candy, Scooby-Doo.  REPEAT.  And there is a lot of crying between each of those.

I'm starting to feel stressed when I realize Christmas is just a few weeks away - AHHHH!  

my FIVE year olds- one last picture before they turned 6 on me.  Really, six????

My girl:)

This costume was sorta spooky with the mask.  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Pumpkin THREEpeat

It happened, the pumpkin costume made it's third Halloween appearance.  I have the weirdest kids when it comes to Halloween costumes, they just don't really like them!  Dylan was a little excited about his ghost costume this year, but nothing like the kids who wears their superhero costumes three times a week and it's worn out before Halloween hits.  I tell people now to do the fun costumes when they are little because they may be really stubborn about it when they get older!  I for sure would have had one be Clark Kent and the other Superman.  Had I know we would have a pumpkin three peat, I would have chosen a different first Halloween costume.  However, they were my pumpkin babies, so it was fitting at the time. 


They are so young!!!

It also appears I need to step up my Halloween decorations back up. I'm not even sure where some of those decorations are!  


Carter says he might try a new costume next year.....we will see:)

More Birthday Pics

When I downloaded some pictures tonight I realized several bday party pics had not downloaded!  

The boys were so excited to get these new pillow cases from Grandma Susie.  This summer when they spent a week in Sibley they picked out their own fabric.  Then about once a week they would ask if we had any packages in the mail!  So they were pretty pumped to get them.

If you ware wondering if she ate all those strawberries, the answer is YES!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter