Friday, September 30, 2011


I think it would be an understatement to say Carter had a blast at his dads bday party.  Between all the treats and running around with big kids, he was in heaven!  This picture says it all!

We sure wish Hunter and Mason could still be our neighbors - we would probably have a lot of evening football games and wrestling matches.

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good morning ladies....

Sadly, he did this himself!Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bag of thank you!

You guessed it, we've been potty training at the Bormann's.  Well, really for a while now, I just have taken the time to do a post.  So I really wanted to do the 3-day method, but I was just never home for three days in a row to commit.  Then daycare was like, they are ready, bring lots of underwear and we will do it.  OK!!!  So here we go.
We have had some ups and downs and some rough days in the beginning.  Keith's parents were here one weekend and were really consistent working with them and that helped a lot!  So at this point Carter is basically potty trained and does a great job going #1 and #2.  We still do pull-ups at naps and night time and I'm OK with that.  They do wake up dry many mornings, so eventually we will do the full transition.
We've had some problems with Dylan- which I really expected the opposite.  He does pretty well going potty but we are having a hard time with #2, which has really caused a lot of trouble for him.  When he has to go his behavior is awful and we have had many rough evenings.  He finally went a couple nights ago and I think it was a huge confidence boost for him.  Honestly, I think he has been feeling a bit down that he hasn't been doing it and I think that is part of his acting out too.  Right away he wanted a sticker and M&M.  And a complete attitude change.  Of course all the comments that come out of them in this process are quite funny.  Yesterday Dylan told me he was going to make a big splash and splash the ceiling.  And when they don't have to go our they are done, they tell me it's empty.

Carter brought this home from school for going poo on the potty - he was SO PROUD of it!!!  Of course he had to hang it on the wall!  And you know who was almost even more proud of Carter's certificate - DYLAN!  He too was so exciting rushing to get the tape out to help hang it up.  I sure wish he would have gotten one too.  
So you can see a difference in personality here - Dylan had to line all his stickers up.  Funny by this you would think Dylan was the one doing better.  Carter's is very full now! 

I had one rough night and went through about 15 pairs of undies in about 3 hours.  NOT FUN!

And yes, peeing outside is much more fun!!!!  This was at Keith's party, I turned around to Carter with his pants dropped, peeing in the driveway.  CLASSY!!!

So a few things about potty training...
Daycare seems to think we enjoy a pair of undies filled with poo in a bag... NO THANK YOU!  I wish they would just throw them away.  Certainly not green of me, but I toss those!
I now have a micro view on public restrooms....GROSS!  Wow, you sure think twice when you have two, toddlers wanting to touch everything in sight in a bathroom.  My goal is for them to not touch anything.
We keep lots of clorox wipes around because sometimes, especially in the morning - things get a little crazy and we can't always keep it in the potty!
In never fails, whenever we are in a store, mid-shopping, Dylan wants to go potty - that's fun!

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Learn about childcare with these magazines.

Sometimes we are a circus - huh!

So earlier this week I posted the pics the boys had been coloring - what I should have included in the latest craft collection was a few tiny little specs of paper.  I was talking to one of their teachers and they said Dylan loves to start with a huge piece of paper and keeps on cutting it until it is a tiny little piece - smaller than a dime and he says he's making a picture for me.  One day last week he had to run back into the room and get it for me!  So sweet.

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This is what was happening at the Bormann's last night...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Party Party!

I think Dylan is going to have his mom's love for carnival games!  he totally gets into them.  

A couple of weeks ago we got to go to a fun circus party one of Grandpa Bormann's friends was hosting!  It was awesome - everything available at a small circus without all the crazies!  
Fabulous food on a stick
pony rides
face painting
bounce house
carnival games 
and so much more!!!  Needless to say, the boys had a blast!

Carter was totally scared to ride the horse, but we convinced him that it would be a good idea:)

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our trooper

We have been battling moluscum with Dylan for well over a year now!  It's the most frustrating thing.  We've been to the dermatologist, asked a few doctors, tried some prescription medicine and so far no solutions.  They can freeze them off, but that would be a bit traumatizing for a two year old and I don't want him to get any scars from them - but unfortunately we are having some scarring.

So I was talking to a friend and she said Medicap made this mix for her and it worked, so I got hooked up with it.  You are supposed to cover them after you put the medicine on - after about a dozen band aides tonight I'm not sure how well we'll keep up with that.  Let's hope this works.  If any of you have any other solutions, please share!Posted by Picasa


I was just looking at these pictures the boys brought home from school and I'm thinking Carter likes coloring a bit more than Dylan.  He did two and Dylan kinda did one:)  Actually Carter has been really funny with his coloring lately, he gets so serious and focused and when he's done there isn't much left for white space on the paper.  It's fun to watch because he really seems to enjoy it and is really proud of his work.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More party fun!

Again - too bad my camera was on the crappy setting!

Russell Ave crew!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THE TRIP!!!  You are always welcome on Timberline.

The big surprise!

Keiths stache

Oliver and his new "older lady" - these two were adorable!  Flirting and following each other around.  I may have even seen a kiss.

SUPER Uncle Cory manning the kids crafts!

You should have seen this cluster of boys in the front yard, then the back, then about every room in the basement.  They were having a blast!!
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