Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun outside!

It has finally warmed up a little and I have been able to get the boys outside.  They are just loving playing in the snow!  I kinda like them in their snow gear too because they can't run away from me too quick!  They had just been itching to go outside so badly.  I told them they had to wear their snow pants and the next thing I knew, Dylan was back in his closet trying to get down the snow pants hanging in their closet.  Not sure how he even knew they were back there. 
They are really digging snow balls and watching them break when they land!  Then they got really into trying to make snow angels, which I thought was pretty darn cute. 
Of course it didn't take them long to find the water!  They had an absolute blast jumping in the water, so I just let them.  They were soaked!

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