Monday, August 26, 2013


We went to Adventureland about a month ago with my sister.  It was a beautiful day for it - and I guess everyone else thought so too.  The park was jam-packed!  We intended on going to the water park too but it was way too cold.  Olivia did pretty well in the stroller for a good chunk of the day.  I had so much fun going on rides with the boys.  They are finally to the age where they can do some fun ones.  And they loved them! They didn't get scared at all, they just laughed really hard.

The log ride!

They were fun on here- Cade was hating it - look at the boys checking on him.  It's funny because he was all smiles on the log ride.  

Even Alec got to do this one.

Look who broke free!

Train ride to end the day!
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Four Season's Festival

We were able to participate in a few of the activities around town for the Four Season's Festival.  The boys did kid run- which went much better than last year.  

We watched the parade - not too shabby of a little parade either. (it was our first time here)

We played at the park.

We did the pedal tractor pull- stiff competition.  Not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous!  There was like 16 kids.  They both did really well on their first turn and got full-pulls, but didn't end up in the top three.  Actually, I think two girls were in the top three!  Overall, it was a fun afternoon.  Maybe next year we will make it to the beer garden.
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It was much easier to keep this blog up when my kids went to bed around 8 - and stayed in bed (which dates clear back to our Minnesota home).  It's 9:30 and we just got them to bed.  And the house is a mess.  Laundry in the washer.  And you know it- the dryer is packed full with a load from the weekend.  Nothing worse then a dryer full of clothes and a dishwasher full of clean dishes!  Although, I think I prefer the job of folding over putting away.  Who am I kidding - I don't want to do any of it!  

Can you tell she has brothers!  I haven't seen her pick any bugs up yet!  Maybe Carter will teach her how to pick up frogs, he's like the frog whisperer.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another video!

sorry!  I really need to do some Olivia updates- but it's not happening tonight.  She is growing up so fast, I swear she learns something new every day.  She is really starting to pick up on a lot of words and works really hard trying to repeat you.  Tonight she was in the kitchen and spotted Dylan and Carter on the play set and was so darn excited to see them!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swimming Lessons

A girl down the street did private lessons again this summer with the boys - which worked out GREAT!  I hope she does it again next summer.  The boys had a blast and did really well - they continue to get more confident in the water.  Carter gets a bit more nervous in the water, when he does his back float and the water brushes over his face he gets a bit scared.  Didn't bother Dylan at all and he would back float across the pool and the teacher even let him jump off the diving board.  VERY PROUD moment for Dylan.  Once he got up to the board he was a bit scared.  Even now when they talk about it Carter will say, my brother got to go off the diving board.

I went the last day of their lessons.  Poor Emily, they ask her a zillion questions!  There is a bug in the pool, what is the diving board made of, does your pool do this - that… you name it, they asked it!  
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Post Dr. Pepper Explosion

We keep them working hard around here!  Even the young ones.  We had to spend a good night cleaning out my car after the dr. pepper incident of 2013.  
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I can't remember if I posted these - if so you are getting them again.

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