Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Robots in the City.... my boys are 6!

We had the boys' family party on Saturday night.  Carter wanted to do a city theme, Dylan wanted Robots.  They told me this like 9 months ago and stuck with it, so I said we could do Robots in the City.  Pretty easy theme to work with.  My hand was a little tired from drawing cityscapes and robots around the house. 

This road was SUPER ANNOYING!!!  So happy to pull that up.


I really didn't plan this.  Sorta ridiculous. Clearly I like stripes!

I thought the cake turned out great, I didn't even give her any Pinterest pictures, just told her what I was thinking.  Tasted great too!

Family of Five pics never turn out too great.

Kasper was being a goofball all night.

These two had a great time all night!!

So what are these two dudes like at SIX?  

  • Still pretty much ALL BOY
  • Loves bugs and all things that move, perhaps a future vet
  • Loves playing with our neighbor boys
  • Can't get enough Legos
  • Seems to enjoy school- PE & Recess are the highlights
  • Does not eat his school lunch and is picky as ever when it comes to food
  • Loves peanut butter sandwiches with cinnamon on it
  • Still gets scared easily (by movies like Frozen)
  • Way too into the monkey bars
  • Is a great little builder, he does such an awesome job following his lego instructions or can free build pretty well too.  Latest thing he was proud of was the out-house he built:)
  • Loves to be at home, if we are really busy and away from home he will keep asking to just stay home
  • I finally let them have gum (I know, it was like the last thing I held off on) and Carter LOVES gum!
  • Dylan is loving school!  Thank goodness!
  • I think he loves the monkey bars even more, I don't but they do seem to be getting really strong from their daily monkey bar training.
  • Dylan is also really into swinging and jumping out!  You can only imagine why we have had 2 broken arms?
  • Loves to draw pictures
  • Loves PE
  • Big fan of his little sister
  • Loves playing with the neighbor boys
  • Likes legos, but I think Carter likes them more.
  • Still loves his mama:)
  • Seems to naturally take on the oldest child role- even though I NEVER point out to either who is older
  • Still my little party planner
  • They are both into Scooby Doo right now
  • Really into experiments, he wants to mix food coloring like every night.  

Boy in a Box

They never get bored of boxes.  NEVER!!!!

Why not!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Joe's Party

We went to Joe's summer party a few weeks ago - as always, the kids had a blast with the horses!  Olivia was loving it, then she thought she needed to go on her own:)  So independent!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Guess who loved the Apple Orchard


Actually, they all had a blast, and we did too!  
We went early, like one of the first opening weekends, I prefer to do everything multiple times instead of waiting in lines. And we lucked out with a great day too.  Unfortunately, our junky camera broke so I didn't get that many pics.  I took a bunch on my mom's camera, so I will need to get them from her.  On a positive note, when I bought that camera I was smart enough to buy the replacement plan - totally, worth it!  Keith got a new one last week.  

This was her first time doing the corn pool and everything.  She had so much fun!

There are a couple other great pumpkin patches around and we haven't made it to any of them - maybe the next couple of weekends, we will get to another one.


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter