Monday, January 24, 2011

Nice little Monday

We had a pretty good Monday.  By 11:30 we built and played in a pretty sweet fort, I gave Stella a lovely get-us-by-for a couple of days haircut, a phone interview, got the boys dressed and ran around like Super Heroes!!! 
My sister was home today so we went to her house for a few hours so the boys could play with Cade and all his super fun toys.  Then I played a little vball for the first time in about three years, so that was fun.  I'm plenty rusty, but it was fun to play.  Now I am trying to do some overdue blogging. I have lots of things I have been wanting to blog about, but just need to sit down at the computer! 
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Whitney Moore said...

That cape picture is to die for!!! So stinking cute! They look like they are growing up so fast... its been only a month.:-/

Kellie said...

Those capes are kick ass! :)


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