Thursday, January 13, 2011

Such a helper...

Dylan is definitely our helper!  He gets so excited and is always willing to help if you ask!  Last week he put away all the little boy spoons, forks and cups too!  This boy is all about order and once you do something one way, that is how he does it.  For example....
Usually in the morning when I get up, I put socks on and a sweatshirt, so one day last week when I started to head over to the sock drawer, he beat me to it and pulled out a pair of socks. 
We try to dry Stella's paws off with a towel when it's snowy out, so one day right after she got inside, he ran off and quickly returned with a towel. 
When it comes to cereal in the morning (they both do this), he'll yell bowl, then if you don't have it he'll yell for spoon or run and get it, then every time we refill, they won't touch it until we add more milk, even if there is plenty in the bowl. 
He is such a little cleaner (I don't know where he gets it), I built this huge train track that he really didn't get that excited about, but then when we were picking it up, he was picked up almost the entire track, with excitement of course! 
He always wants to be the one to turn things on and off, like the lights or the DVD player in the car
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