Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is how we roll....

This is the feedback I got when I tried to help... no shot helping two year old!


The cool thing about being "Mom"

When I get home or pick up the boys they get so excited and yell mommy, mommy, mommy!  One day this week at daycare, they were looking out the window when I got there and instantly started jumping up and down when they saw me and pointed me out to all their friends and teachers.  Then of course I get many great hugs!
At night time both boys give me "BIG hugs" and super sweet kisses.  Dylan is funny, he will be all tucked in under his blankets, but then still has to give me a big hug and kiss and will stand up and give me the nicest hugs and kisses.  Carter will do the same, but tonight, he said covered up, so he didn't want to stand and pulled me in for a big kiss!  Such little sweeties at times when they want to be! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Closer!

GETTING CLOSER!!!  We still have a few tweaks with the floor plan. This is the first we have seen of the front elevation.  I'm not completely in love with it yet, maybe just a matter of shifting some brick around and adding a few details.  Looks like a lot of roof right now. 


Weekends go by way too fast!  We were pretty busy most of the weekend.  Friday night we went to dinner with my family at the Big Steer. 
Saturday I got to hang out with a few of my best friends from high school!  My friend Kaylan was back from Indiana, so we got to see her little guy, Miles!  He is getting to be a big boy and is a little cutie!  It was a lot of fun catching up with all of them, I wish we could all get together more often.  My friend Sara has a camper and her little boy is about the same age as my boys, so we are going to try to do a camping trip with them this summer.  I think the boys would have a blast! 
Saturday night we took the boys to the circus!  We were pretty excited about this, but weren't blown away by the show!  We were hoping for lots of animals.  The boys did think the elephants were pretty cool. 
Today was a lazy day.  I tried to get some laundry and a few things done around the house.  Keith is traveling this week and had to leave this afternoon.  Last I talked to him, he was delayed in Memphis, so hopefully they take off soon.  He won't get back until late Wednesday, so I'm thinking it will be a long week.  The pace at the new job is picking up quick and I have a few deadlines to hit this week, so after I finish this post I have a bit of work to do and should go to bed! 

{daredevils at two...I think this confirms they are mine!}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playing at the park

Keith told Carter this wall was for big kids, he said, “no big kids, for Carter Dylan.”

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Monday, March 21, 2011

You know you watch too much Mickey when...

You know you watch too much Disney when..Keith told me this funny story about the boys last week. They were eating Cheerios and they were very focused getting just three Cheerios onto their spoons at one time and then would say “Mickey”. Then Dylan had a huge pile on his spoon and said “Mickey Clubhouse.”

Here are a few pics of Carter being so kind to my brother's dog.  They are starting to get a little better with dogs!

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Weekend Snapshot.....

Dylan loves to pout on the rugs, I have no idea why, but he will do this on other ones too when he is mad.

I know about now you are thinking wow, I actually updated the blog!  We finally have Picasa back in action, so that makes my life much easier. 

So here is how things went down...
Friday we attempted to clean the house, it looks no different!
Saturday we met with the builder, first time wtih the boys- they added a new level
We ran some errands in DSM
Went to dinner with my family Saturday night, then Keith and I went to the Baxter bar for a few drinks.  First time up there in a long time! 
Today was a lazy, rainy day....the boys even slept in and both to long naps
I don't think Dylan was feeling the best today
We went through 6-8 bananas today and the boys ate an entire (little) watermelon, the watermelon was in one sitting
Dylan pooped on the floor or I should say mom's white carpet!  I just got him out of the tub and oops... too late
We watched more than plenty of Mickey and built some extreme trains
Carter ate about half a bottle of ketchup at dinner - by itself!
Carter has been all about pull-ups all weekend, won't wear a regular diaper
They have been really into singing this weekend, many rounds of ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jingle Bells (that one has stuck)
Scored some bargains at Old Navy for the boys
Got the bikes out, they are doing so well this year on them! 

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The lot & Plan B

We are now on Plan B for the new house.  Were both a little heartbroken last week after our builder shared some disappointing news with us. They spent a little over a week drawing up the plans and for some reason they couldn't get it smaller than about 2300 square feet, which put us over our budget, which we are already over and with many more overages to come, it was a deal breaker for me.  So I spent about 15 hours last week hunting for similar plans and I believe we have now landed on a new one and are back to the drawing stage. 

As of right now the plan will be similar to this, but the front elevations will change a bit and a few things will be tweaked. 

We haven't officially purchased the lot, but here it is! We will be the last house on this spot and the house next to us is for sale right now and a few across the street are for sale, so we are hoping for some super cool people to move in!  The back area behind the house looks like a really fun area for kids to play, it's about the size of a football field between all the houses, so we are seeing some fun neighborhood games happening.


Level 1

Level 2

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Twelve years with the hubs

Today marks 12 years since our first date, no worries, no big date or celebration.  Just asked Keith if he forgot to order me flowers today and after careful thought and asking me why, he responded with the, oh yeah, it's the anniversary that you keep track of that I don't. 
He just counts the wedding anniversary.  Maybe on our thirteenth I'll go into detail of the first date at BK and yes by BK, I do mean Burger King.  Good thing I was head over heels IN LOVE!!!! 

I wanted to post a really old pic, but of course those are all film, I will have to scan one.  This one is from 2005, the year we tied the knot.
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Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

These cookies were a BIG HIT!!!  Dylan was on the floor in tears and I decided to offer him a cookie and that flipped his frown upside down! 
I was working on the boys saying "kiss me, I'm Irish," but it usually just came out as, "I'm Irish." 
Beyond these cookies and green shirts, we didn't take St. Patrick's day much further. 

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I guess we have a couple of Minnesota boys still

This is how things were going when I told Carter we couldn't go sledding since all the snow melted.....

Things pepped up when I decided I might still be able to pull them around in the sled.  I was breathing pretty hard by the time we made it around the house!  Then I convinced Keith to do round two!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Good or Bad

Good or bad, probably good…..since moving to Iowa I believe my Target spending has decreased by about 80%!  I guess out of sight out of mind.  While living in Target land, I would probably make a stop at least three days a week.  Generally one would think since I only go once or twice a month you would think I would be like a kid in a candy store and buy out the entire place, but I usually just want to get in and get out now.

A Safety Reminder


I’m sure many of you as parents have had many of those “close call” moments with your kids and you are thankful somebody somewhere is looking out for you! Last night we experienced one of those moments! When we were in Minnesota, we had all the boys furniture bolted to the wall, since we moved we had not taken all of those extra safety steps. Actually, we did not bring the boy’s furniture to Iowa and have been using a short, three-drawer dresser in the boys’ room, which seemed really sturdy, so I was not too concerned, until NOW!

Last night we were on a skype call with Keith’s parents and Carter went back to his room and was getting a shirt out of the top dresser drawer, he was standing in his chair reaching into the top drawer from the side and must have put too much weight on the top drawer and the entire dresser fell over. Neither of us were in there, but were panicked when we heard him screaming. The drawer must have caught his hand a little bit and he has a bruise, but we are so lucky the dresser didn’t fall on him and that he pulled his arm away fast enough. SO SCARY!!! We will be attaching this to the wall tonight. So if you don’t already, attach your furniture to the wall to help protect your little ones!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Too lazy today...

To upload some new photos onto the computer, so I found a few oldies.  I believe the boys were 9-10ish months in these, the days they still had their little curls. We still had our bottles, they were on the go and I forgot how we had the ottoman trapping them in the family room for about three months.  I don't miss having the highchairs in the kitchen and I definitely don't miss them attempting to jump off the fireplace.  It was all we could do to keep them off that thing from the day they started crawling, or I should say what was really the day they started climbing! 
Two months home with the boys and we had top-notch health.  Three weeks into daycare and we already got a couple bad bugs.  The boys both had colds this week, which turned into fevers.  Carter got called home on Thursday for a temp of 102ish, so Keith ended up taking him to Urgent care because Cade had bronchitis, so we figured we should have him checked out as well.  Two hours later, just a virus and he seemed great so we stopped at Home Depot where he went downhill quick.  For some reason Dylan wanted to ride home with Keith and Carter wanted to go with me.  I got the wrong boy!  Just as I am at a stoplight leaving Ankeny, Carter started to throw up.  Which was awful because I was totally stuck at the slowest light going the wrong way.  Finally got turned around to a gas station, somewhat cleaned him up and the poor kid had to sit in the car with puke on him for another 30 minutes until we got home.  So they both stayed home on Friday and are doing much better now.  Except this weekend Carter got his fourth bloody nose at night, not sure if it is the dry air or what.  And he really doesn't like blood on his blue blanky...and the washer broke this weekend as well, so we finally got it washed at Jennifer's house tonight. 


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