Friday, January 28, 2011

In the words of Carter and Dylan...

The boys are always saying the funniest little things!

Carter says this in the morning a lot

"Get, up, Get up Mommy"
Yep, my alarm clocks that drag me out of bed

"Hungy,  Breakfast"
I hear this one in the morning too!  Usually followed by a get up!  I wish I had Dylan's morning energy, Carter would usually rather just relax with some ccartoons.
"Cover up"
Carter and I like to sit in the big chair with a blanket and he sits next me and will say "cover up"

"Big hug"
Lately every night when we tuck the boys into bed, both have to get back up from under their blankets and give me a huge hug.  Dylan always says "big hug, big hug" and then he gives me a big kiss and a huge hug and squeezes really tight.

"I'm Sick"
Carter randomly says this.  Then if you ask him if he's OK, he will talk in this mopey sad voice.  He does this when he "needs" a band aid too. 

"buy more"
We hear this about 10x a day! 

"big chair"
They love to sit in the big chair and read books

"my turn"
This never really ends well

"go Vikings"
This almost always happens at a random time.
Funny, Dylan usually says "mommy" and lately Carter is always saying "mom, mom, mom"
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