Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving into your high school bedroom at 28...

(notice the TP in the box, that has been behind my bed since high school.  TPing was one of my favorite pastimes.)
YIKES!! This is what Sunday night looked like....this packrat had to get rid of a lot of old goodies and make room for even more.

  I got back to Baxter at about 11:00 on Thursday night. Outside of the tornado incident, it was one of my worst drives to date.  My family called me to alert me that fog was very heavy in Iowa, so I finished up a couple things at the house and basically ran out.  Of course forgetting to do a handful of things. 
I had two hours of sleep the night before, left work around 4ish, dropped our cable box off at Comcast - bastards got me one more time by making me take a number for their large line (no tears dropping that box off), ran one more errand (cashier made 3 errors in my transaction adding 15 minutes to the trip), packed up a few remaining items, vacuumed the house one more time, took out the trash and unhooked the mess of cords connecting the computer.  Then I hit the road at about 6:30.
So I was mentally and physically exhausted and my George W. Decision Points audio CD was deep into war strategy and was not keeping me awake.  The trip got even longer quickly because I had to make several stops. The first one off one of the first exits on 35 - I had over-packed the cab and really couldn't see much behind me, so I stopped quick to fix that.  Back on track and the drive was going OK.  Next stop, I really needed coffee.  Attempted to get one at the McD drive thru, no dice, they were cleaning their machine.  A few miles down, I made another stop and finally got some coffee. 
Then somewhere near the border, I started hearing some flapping and the truck bed cover was waving like a flag in the air.  So immediately I started to panic as the bed was jammed packed with all kinds of things.  I quickly pulled off to a weigh station.  Which led me to my next panic. Not sure about any of you, but I HATE rest stops, especially at creepy!  Not sure if this was better or worst than a rest stop.  Since the weigh station was closed, there wasn't anyone around, but if I had seen one person I would have completely freaked out.  So I jumped out, hoping the cover wasn't completely damaged. It was extremely windy out and I managed to get it back down, crisis averted! Until about 30 miles down the road when I saw it was starting to come up again.  So I made about 5 more stops on my way back to reseal the sides back down until the wind died down near Ames!  First off, thank goodness it didn't completely fly off and hit a car! Second, so lucky it stayed otherwise I probably would have lost about half our belongings! 

Keith did an inspection and it looks like there is now a tear in the cover, he doesn't really like when I drive his truck:(  Don't think he will be having me haul anything in the near future!

   So glad to not be making that drive very often anymore! 
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