Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last day for "Cans of Formula for Comments"

November 30 is the last day for Cans of Formula for comments! We've had so many great comments so far and are already up to 200 bottles for some hungry little ones out there. Click here to go to the post to leave a comment.

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We made a pretty good recovery from our "Thanksgiving Flu"! Except the boys now have colds. Last week at work I jinxed myself. I said "since the boys got their tubes, we have only been to the doctor for well visits". Wow, was that the wrong thing to say. Since then we have had pink eye, the flu and now some pretty rough colds, what's next?
For right now, I have decided to blame our sickness on the Arbys in Dows, IA. We stopped there on the way to my parents house and all of us ate except Dylan wouldn't really eat anything, maybe he was just suspicious. I think it is a little crazy how all three of us started throwing up within an hour. Something else about Arbys, when I was pregnant, just seeing the sign would make me nauseous! I don' t think we will be back any time soon!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks, but no thanks!

Well I must say Thanksgiving 2009 was an unexpected Thanksgiving! We went back to Iowa Wednesday night, got the boys to bed and were ready for a day of lots of eating and fun with family.

At about 3:30 am, Carter woke up and was crying. Keith went to get him and he had thrown up all over. Keith brought him back to our room and then was like "Jess, you have to take him I think I am going to be sick." So I grabbed him and Keith headed to the bathroom. I thought he was just sick as a reaction to Carter, but nope....two men down with the flu. I managed to get Carter cleaned off and brought him to bed with us. I was hoping some super mommy power would kick in to keep me strong for my family. No such luck! About an hour later I got hit with it and ran for the bathroom. There we were me, Carter and Keith all in our bed sick as dogs! I ended up getting the worst of it probably throwing up 20 times. Keith and I have never both had the flu at the same time!

So my mom had to move Thanksgiving dinner to my sister's house and all of us had to stay home and miss out on all the fun. At least Dylan got to go. I was a little disappointed that I missed his first turkey dinner. I just can't believe we all missed Thanksgiving...REALLY??? Almost every time we come back to Iowa one of us ends up pretty sick, is this an omen? But what is it telling us? Never go back to Iowa again or hurry up and move back to Iowa???

The good news is I think we had a 12 hour bug and we are all doing much better today! It was so nice to at least be home so mom could take care of Dylan and somewhat help us out.

Don't Believe Him

Dear Friends and Family,

This year when Keith tells all of you he needs some new socks for Christmas this year, DON'T believe him!!! We used to share this sock drawer and about a year ago I packed my socks up and moved them into a basket in the closet and even with the extra room the drawer continued to get harder and harder to close!

Carter couldn't go to daycare on Friday due to another case of pink eye, so he helped me clean dad's sock drawer! I think I managed to find about five pairs of my socks!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving a day late!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving a day late. We have so many great things to be thankful for! Most of all two wonderful, healthy (usually) little boys. Here are a few of the things we are so grateful for:

Our health

Great friends and family

A nice home

Having jobs and being able to provide for our family

A wonderful husband who is such a great dad! My boys are lucky to have such a wonderful dad.

This is just a few things, we are fortunate and have been blessed in so many ways!

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Hot Stuff!

We got the boys these fun little puma sweatsuits and they wore them for the first time on Saturday. Now sure what it was, but something about the outfit made Dylan think he was pretty cool! He just kept walking around with a grin acting like a big kid!

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Are our boys on the "naughty" list right before Christmas?

I'm thinking YES! So the boys were caught attempting to bite some of their "friends" at daycare. As a parent who has been on the other side of this... I feel HORRIBLE! Hopefully they will get through this phase soon.

Two days last week when we picked them up from daycare they had their names on the back of their shirts. One day one attempted to bite and they couldn't' tell which one so they had to put their names on their shirts. Then another day we were thinking they were probably biting again because of the name tags, but they were being a little "aggressive" so again... they were trying to spot the troublemaker.

They are pretty rough at times. We got there one day and Carter hit this poor boy in the head, then Dylan came up to them and did the same, talk about bullies! The teacher made me feel better and said that boy picks on them too. Then one day they were hitting this girl on the head and her dad was standing right there, I thought for sure the dad would have words with me in the parking lot! We are working on "soft" touches and "no biting" at our house!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cans of Formula for Cmments- UPDATE!!!

I just learned that I had my blog comments set so you had to have a registered ID to leave comments, now you can easily leave a comment! SO SORRY!!!!

For each comment the Cans of Formula for Comments post receives from now through November 30, we will be donating 2 ounces of baby formula, which is about equivalent to two 6 fluid ounce bottles. (most babies' bottles range from 1-8 oz of fluid depending on their age)

Click here to go straight to the post.


Mama's new laundry crew!

Carter's new favorite thing to do is to put things down the laundry shoot. It is quite entertaining and he is really helping me keep up with the laundry! Except when he runs out of dirty clothes and miscellaneous toys to throw down, he starts taking folded t-shirts and sweaters from my shelf to throw down.

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Now that's what I call BED HEAD!!!

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Just a few things we did this weekend....

Our good friends, Ryan and Nicole, came up from Iowa to visit us this weekend. Overall we had a pretty quiet weekend. We did some shopping on Saturday. Nicole and Ryan went to Ikea and Crate Barrel to buy some stuff for their new house and we went to Toys R Us to buy a few Christmas presents. That was probably my last trip there for a while, it was about impossible to move around, I can't even imagine what it will be like this weekend.
Saturday night we took Ryan, Nicole and the boys to eat at Big Bowl. So they got to learn first hand what it's like eating out with two one year olds. I'm guessing we may have extended their timeline for have children by at least three years. Oh and the boys were not a big fan of the food at big bowl! It was the first time that I had seen either of them pass on meat. After dinner we hung out at our house and played some games for the rest of the evening.
Otherwise this weekend....

The boys discovered that the cupboard knobs fit nicely into their mouths

This is the best much fun stuff!

Opening and shutting doors is always fun, especially when you can crush your brother in between the doors

And yes, he is trying to reach the door handle by stepping on his brother's head.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little Miss Stella...It's not easy being a dog these days!

After testing six different locations, we no longer leave Stella's dog dishes on the floor. Tonight Keith so kindly protected her and her food so she could get a bite to eat.

I do feel bad for the poor girl, but on the bright side, she has been getting A LOT more table food in her diet. The boys think it is just the funniest thing to throw their food on the floor and feed her. She is even starting to get picky like them, skipping right over the vegetables. Last vet appointment she gained a pound, wonder why!

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Many of you may think "sleeping babies... not so rare"! We can rarely get the boys to sleep anymore by holding them or rocking them, it's not too often anymore I get to sit with a sleeping baby. I love that we can lay them in their cribs and they go to sleep on their own, but I sure miss holding a warm sleeping baby snuggled up in my arms! It is amazing just how quickly they grow out of those special phases.

Tonight the boys woke up from their nap and Keith brought them into the living room to play while I finished up some ironing in our bedroom. When I was finished I went to go find everyone and with the silence I thought they had gone outside to play and was pleasantly surprised to see all three of my boys snoozing in the chair. I quickly grabbed my camera to get a couple shots since I probably won't see this scenario for a long time.

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