Monday, October 29, 2012

In domestic news….

We managed to actually do some useful things around the house this weekend.  I've always heard you are supposed to seal your granite once a year.  So back in July I bought some stuff to clean, polish and seal.  Four months later, Keith did the clean / polish.  AMAZING, can't believe how smooth the counters are.

(quick blogging break due to an entire mug of ice water spilled in my lap - better water than pop, better my lap than my computer)

Then we did a serious fridge cleaning, not the kind where you just throw away 90% of expired foods. The kind where you take the shelves out and scrub them down.  I feel like hot dogs have reduced their expiration, I suppose they have their reasoning.

The boys started playing a game - in the pantry- with the door shut.  This is one of those moments where you debate if you should fear what may be happening behind that closed door with laughing, knowing there are things like spaghetti sauce in there or enjoy 10 minutes of peace and deal with the aftermath later. This one worked out pretty well, the were pretending they spilled spaghetti sauce and had to clean it up, which continued…..

Dylan even got the trash can and snack box out to throw away any extra wrappers or old things.  Not sure what all he found, I did have a bite of one of the zip lock bag of cheez its he was enjoying (definitely in there for a while, I only had ONE)

Carter was so proud of their work and kept telling me dad is going be REALLY happy because the house was so clean.  So I told him we should pick up some toys too.  He said, they are, it's really clean in here.  You sure buddy??? So apparently this is sparkling clean in his eyes!  He was cracking me up all day, I would tell him, you are making me laugh and he would say I'm not being funny.

Then onto my car.  Keith thought it could use a scrub.  The boys had a blast with this, but anything that involves a hose is usually a hit around here.  Even managed to recruit two neighbor boys to help out too.  Both boys told me washing the car was their favorite thing on Sunday (which surpassed a super sweet frog hunt - I'll share more on that later).

Olivia wanted to watch all those boys clean the car too:)

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Little Geography Lesson Folks

After a little Halloween party this weekend, Dylan said,"we live in Polk City and Polk City is in Iowa and Iowa is in CAPTAIN AMERICA.  Works for me!
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You never know…..

Carter said he wanted to keep his straw here so he would know where it was.  Took it down two days ago and he hasn't noticed, guess it wasn't that great of a spot to keep your straw.  
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A little pre-party planning

I thought I would share these "pre-party" pictures "post party".  Sorry guys, but this is what happens at our house!
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Oh no

Do you see it??? We have not been looking forward to this day, any tips on changing this light bulb. Good thing we still have 5 going strong.

Can I freeze this moment in time.

This little girl amazes me every single day and I know these snuggling moments are limited. I'm one lucky mom with this sweet little girl.

Here is one from Dylan.

He looked up about half way and said, I'm not going to draw anyone else. I'll make some decorations.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This was not the plan

When we built the house, one of the top things I was looking forward to was NOT sharing my tub with the kids. Guess that plan failed!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


My dad is one of Stella's favorite people, but if he keeps sharing his food with that kid, he may drop a few points on the Stella scale
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Happy Birthday Keith

This year for the first time, the boys got legos- the little ones that about every kid played with at some point.  I think Keith is pretty excited about these.  
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

We had sales meetings Mon-Wed this week, so it feels like today was Friday.  Fortunately or meetings were here, I missed out on the boys, but I was still home on time to see / feed Olivia, but she has been doing this crabby thing to me the last three nights and doing this terrible crying when I cradle her in my arms.  So far she hasn't done it tonight:(  SAD!  We will overcome this one!

We had a fun activity on Monday night, we went to an area pumpkin patch that has lots of games and a corn maze.  So we split into teams to hunt for the markers in the maze.  In recent years, I've slowly come to terms with myself that I may be directionally challenged.  With this acceptance, I no longer give out directions, I provide friends two address: mine and  Anyhow, turnout, I have just been in the wrong element- streets, not so much- corn mazes I can get you where you need to go?  I honestly amazed myself and am still a little shocked that my team won!  WOO HOO!!!  I'm sure this newly discovered skill will be very handy in the future.  I should probably add it as a linkedin skill.
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My Party Helper

To no surprise Dylan was really into getting everything ready for the party!  NO JOKE!  It was a beautiful day and Carter spent the afternoon out playing, while Dylan stayed by my side.  

This was his idea here.  He found the table cloths, gave me one for the kitchen table, found this one, insisted we go ahead and put up the table and put it together.  

Dylan was super pumped about the boats.  We had talked about doing this a few weeks prior, so he was really excited about the Jello part.  Even more excited once he tried one of those orange slices.  

a few looked more like ship wrecks!  Carter took a play break for a cup of Jello.

I turned around at one point and on his own he had a box of wheat things and a Tupperware container to put them out.  We did actually need them out, so I got him a different bowl and we were set.  Then he put all the other crackers and fish into other buckets.  He also helped me break up the lasagna noodles for the soup!  

Notice the red plates???  Last year we had a red party, so probably about a month ago we were at Target and he insisted on buying these for the party because we had red last year:)  I had an idea about adding red paper to them to make Lobster plates- too much work:)  He kept getting out the rest of our plastic bowls and plates as well-I put them away and told him we have some, five minutes later they would be back on the table!  He also put our little sea decorations out too!  

And my favorite- I kept telling them not to pop balloons because it took a lot of air to blow them all up. So at one point during the day, he had me get down on my knees so I could be eye to eye with him, so he could give me more air:)  He opened my mouth and blew a breath of air at me and told me he gave me my air back!  

This kid shows up for clean up duty too (prob his favorite), he took down all the streamers.
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Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I just tucked my 3 year olds into bed for the last time and will wake up to two four year olds in the AM!
Oh my, I can hardly believe my little boys are already 4!!!! We made!  (not sure if we ever make it as parents:)

I think the boys had a fabulous time celebrating on Saturday.  Of course I went a little crazy on the decorations and having fun with it, but heck, how many times do we get to have a 4 year old birthday party.  Might as well make the most out of it.  I also have a sales meeting all day tomorrow and tomorrow night so I am going to miss out on them for their actual birthday, so I am feeling a bit bummed about that.  I'm planning on taking them to Climb Iowa within the next week or so.  They like climbing, so I can only imagine they will have a great time. 

I guess I forgot to tell them to make a wish. Of course I only wish for them to be healthy and to have a fabulous year full of lots of fun, enjoyable moments with friends and family and to enjoy every little moment as HAPPY little boys.  Wishing for those really hard days behind us and more fun ones ahead.  I'm always thankful for our little family and couldn't be more blessed.

Dylan trying a bite of Carers.

My camera didn't work so well in the dark, but I sure wish all of you could have seen some of the dancing I witnessed.  Carter was pulling out dance moves that I have never seen, not sure where he learned them.  Cade is pretty well known to tear up a dance floor.  Dylan rocked the floor as well.  Oliver was digging jumping on the bed (because that is absolutely allowed during dance party) - then he bumped his head (perhaps we should re-evaluate dance party rules…of course he did violoate dance party rule #1:  must wear a fun hat! Had he obliged by dance party rule #1, the hat may have served as a barrier???)  Next time helmets!  Even Alec had a good time!
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