Friday, January 7, 2011

More Bucklin Christmas

Christmas was a lot of fun with the boys this year!  They really had fun with the presents and were starting to actually understand some things.  If you asked them about Santa, they would always say "ho, ho, ho." 
Carter was so funny Christmas morning. Dylan wasn't up yet and he was just itching to wake Dylan up and wouldn't leave the hallway until Dylan woke up. 
Carter was definitely the present opener, he would open one and go straight to the next! 
I always find buying gifts for kids to be a challenge!  They never seem to like the super cool things and love the most random things.  This year:
Thomas Tent = Success
Legos = FAIL
More trains/track = Success
Thomas PJ's = FAIL
Super warm fuzzy blue blankets = FAIL (and they love blankets!)
piano with microphone = SUCCESS
Underwear = Success
Drawing table = Success
New movies = Success

More to come on this, I put a bunch of their toys downstairs to get out later after the "new" of all their other toys goes away.

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Mrshall said...

the twins is very cute,i love when the twins open the gifts.
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