Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visitors while Keith was out of town!

Last week Keith was traveling for a few days, we were lucky to have a few visitors.  On Tuesday night my mom came up to visit and the boys helped her make spaghetti!  It was quite tasty!

Then Wednesday night Sarah and Oliver were so kind to bring us dinner and hang out.  The boys kept Oliver busy by feeding him oranges and Popsicles.  I don't know if he stayed on pace with them, they usually have three a sitting and I think Oliver maybe only had one.  He's getting to be about as tall as the boys! 

Thanks for coming, we love visitors!!!

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It's a miracle on Timberline!!!


This has been the most frustrating home improvement project to date!!!    Something I would never recommend taking on is installing your own irriagion system. We had no idea it would be a 3 month nightmare!  We even had phenominal, expert help and the entire thing was still doomed!!  Anything you could imagine going wrong DID!!!  The majority of the issues came from the guy who graded our yard.  First off, he continued to not show up - so the weekend Keith finally got people lined up to help (the weekend every person we knew was out of town), he barely got the back done and not the front!  So not getting the front that weekend was our biggest problem.  Then from all the digging, partially because our yard was almost as hard as concrete, Keith injured his back for about two weeks.  Then the guy who did the grading came back to do the front and broke a few lines - of course he didn't fix them.  Since then, with assistance, and countless nights, Keith finally completed the irrigation (and I will skip over about 10 things that got broken in the meantime).  I bet he put at least 50 hours into this - I bet more!
This brings me to yesterday, not a good day, but a good day for our lawn!  As it turns out, our yard was not graded right and didn't have enough of a slope, so the people doing the sod had to completely regrade the entire yard, which meant lowering in many spots- you got it, this broke several lines!  Keith called me at about 2 completely freaking out.  Fortunately, the people doing the sod were phenominal and brought in somebody to fix all the broken lines and then Keith spent the entire afternoon with them and they had to move a bunch of lines as well.  He said it's still really shallow in some spots, so he is the only one allowed to dig in our yard:)  They finished properly grading it and got about 95% of the sod in last night and finished up this morning.  I wish I had the name of the business who did it, because they did an awesome job getting it all together!  If you or anybody needs somebody, I will gladly give you their number.   
The good news is the grass will do much better now, than if it had been installed early July like planned! 

Also, we finally got Stella back too!  Thanks mom, dad and Jeff for taking good care of her while we didn't have grass. 

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don't worry, you are at the right spot!

I spent six hours in a car today, so I decided to make a new blog header.  We are way overdue for some updates, the old pic was from their one-year pics and spoke to us being 20-somethings.  The boys are almost three and I guess at this point 20 "something" is about right as we are hanging on to the final days of our 20's:(  Hopefully the thirties will treat us well, but I have a hard time letting go.  On the other hand, I can't tell you how many times our crew has rolled into a restaurant and sat next to a group of ladies and they either tell me directly or I hear them say- I don't miss those days. 

Anyhow, I'll try to get back to being a good blogger and making updates to the page.  The new header is a bit blurry because I made it in powerpoint. Maybe someday I will be patient enough to do it in photoshop.  Anyone have any good suggestions for any programs to use? 

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juicy water

While we were out of town on our 10th annual Ozarks trip mom watched the boys for us for a day. She took the boys to McDonalds with uncle Jeff and Jeff thought it would be a good idea to give the boys pop - or I guess what they are calling "juicy water." It seems as though it was a hit! We're just hoping they don't ask mom and dad for "juicy water."  As you can tell by the pics above, I guess Dylan loved it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Innova family outing

To no surprise I am behind on blogging again!!!  Ahhhh.  Sorry, I'm trying to get back on track.  Seems like we are always having something going on - then of course Pinterest has taken much of my blogging time.  Sadly, I'm not a slight bit craftier than I was pre-pinterest Jessica.  However, I am very inspired and a big applaud to all you crafty ladies out there! We are getting close on that darn headboard - four trips to Joann's fabric and I am making progress (I in no way belong in that store).

Anyhow- back to the outing.  Two weeks ago my work had a family night at Blank Park Zoo.  Our first time to the zoo as a family and probably my first time there since junior high.  Sadly Keith and I didn't even know where it was at, we had to google map it! 

The boys had a blast seeing all the animals!  I know they told me a couple favorites and I can't even remember out this point (I guess that gives me another mom of the year point!). 
This pic makes me laugh - where did the giraffe's head go?

TOTALLY NOT AFRAID OF THE SNAKE!!!  Dylan went straight to it and touched it several times.  Just for the record, I will NEVER approved pet snakes or visiting snakes at the Bormann household. 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy 90th birthdays to great grandpa and grandma bormann

A couple weeks ago we spent a Saturday at Keith's grandparents' farm in northern Iowa.  Most of his aunts and uncles and cousins came to celebrate as well.  Most live all over the country, so it usually takes a wedding or a big celebration to get all the cousins together. 
Clarence and Caroline were doing fabulous and you would probably think we were celebrating 75 instead of 90! 
We attempted to get a picture of all the great grandchildren.  Can't help but laugh at that one of Dylan.  But I'm thinking this is the best we could do with 11 kids under 7.  If I counted correct, I think we are just missing the 4 youngest Bormann babies, one who was just born that week in Memphis.  How fun is that, too bad everyone didn't live closer and we could have many fun get-togethers with all the kids. 

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hard at work!

I finally got one side of the basement clean!  The floor was so dirty that it really needed a good scrubbing, lucky for me I have a pretty good crew at hand.  The boys totally \got into help and I must be honest when I say, they actually did help!  Dylan would vacuum up the water while I scrubbed.  I'm working on making a super fun play room for the boys.  Progress......SLOW! 
Plus I have now seen two killer spiders - BIG BLACK ONES!  To me, that is a killer spider.  Now I am super paranoid down there. 

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