Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Napping with Grandma

Mom has been staying with us all week since Keith is in Norway.  Dylan took about an extra two hour long nap on Sunday sleeping on mom.  THANKS FOR ALL THE EXTRA HELP!!!
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Night night daddy

I think the boys are starting to wonder where daddy is! I keep telling them he is working. I was competing against the tv for this video.

Monday, August 30, 2010

So this is how my morning started...

Generally, I am a phenomenal sleeper!  My head hits the pillow and I am completely out!  Keith on the other hand, not so great!  So he is always popping up the minute one of the boys wakes up.  But since Keith has been out of town, I have been sleeping awful!  Then by the time I finally start to get into a deep sleep, the boys start to waking up!  Who else has kids around two that wake up a couple times at night still?  We had them sleeping through the night (11-5) at 9 weeks, then at four months they quit and I swear we have been battling it since. 
So back to this morning.  Around 5:00 I walk into their room to Dylan saying "I poo" and he laid down on the floor to be changed.  I guess he is dreaming this now because he didn't, but he still insisted on being changed.  Then when I went to grab a diaper he went back to bed - as did I.  At that time I took the gate off the door hoping that if they woke up they would just come snuggle with me.  
Well not too much later I hear the boys in the kitchen thinking they were getting their milks.  So I walk out to the kitchen and there is Carter trying to go out the back door!  So baby gates...IMPORTANT!  Locking your doors at night with toddlers, even more IMPORTANT!   I just heard a story on the news of a three year old wondering in a busy street who escaped without his parents knowing (he was OK).
Then at this point Dylan was back up and saying "I poo", brought Carter to our bed and he was about to go to sleep again, go back to the living room to find Dylan with his pants pulled down ready to be changed.  We didn't really need wipes, then before I can get the diaper on he is saying "butt wipes," goes and gets them, uses one, I put the diaper/pants back on, put both in bed with me.  That lasted about five minutes and then they were ready to start their day.  NOT ME!  Well, not Carter either, he was so tired he barely ate any breakfast. 
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How did my purse turn into this???

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Dylan and Carter words....

While watching them "share words" over that glass of water, I thought I should write down "their words"!  They are starting to talk so much now!  And they are funny too because sometimes they try to give you an entire sentence that is all gibberish except a word or two and they can get so serious about it.  I've read at their age they can learn 10 words a day!  So I thought I would jot down a few of their first words while I can still, somewhat, keep a list and remember.  Otherwise in six months I will have completely forgotten.  Here goes: (And of course this is the two together, I think they both say most of these words)
Cart Cart
More Please
Down (lately Carter has been mixing up his ups and downs)
more rice
cookie (dylan knows this word really well, so we have to be really careful to NOT say it!)
Go Go
Mine (popular one!)
Bye bye
Night Night
butt wipes
No, not sure how I almost forgot that!
Oh No
Uh Oh
help me

If Keith were here, he could probably remember another handful.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dylan and his Elmo slippers

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I bought the boys Elmo slippers today!  I couldn't pass them up since they are becoming big Elmo fans!  Dylan was so proud with them on. He was actually smiling really big, but now closes his eyes a lot when he smiles big. 

It all started with a glass of water...

and turned into a fun morning and of course a second change of clothes by noon.  I think Dylan drank about half the water! 

We have a walnut tree and the darn squirrels have spent the last month chewing on them and now we have walnut stains all over our tables, the deck, their sandbox, the fire pit, EVERYTHING!!! It is so gross!  Darn squirrels. 
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Carter and his PJs

At nighttime, Carter avoids getting his jammies on and puts up a kicking and screaming fight about every night.  Then somehow throughout the night, he grows a strong attachment to the jammies and by morning when you try to change him, he gets so mad and holds onto his pants so you can't take them off! 

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I agree Carter....

I agree with Carter, the Blue Bunny dip and dots don't measure up to the original.  These are a Iowa State Fair favorite of mine!  It's been a while since we've had good ones!  I do believe they sell that at MOA, so I should get some there sometime.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I poo!

Dylan is doing this funny thing now, every time he poos, he will say "I poo", run into the living room and lay down in front of the TV and wait to be changed.  Sometimes he even pulls his pants off.  He stared it a few weeks ago when he stayed the night at my parent's house and he would lay on a bench.  It's kinda nice because he will just sit still until he is changed, where as it is normally a wrestling match trying to get the diapers on and off. 
So now when he goes, I've been trying to tell him to do that on the potty.  As exciting as that will be, can't say I'm looking forward to the clean up!  I think I will call a permanent "NOT IT!"
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Guess who are about to be TWO!!!

I keep thinking how my babies are going to be two in just two short months!!!  Where has the time gone?  I need to start thinking of some fun birthday party ideas and presents for these two.  (The doll house is still on the list:))  Any ideas??? I find picking out kid's toys to be hard!  To be honest, at our household, it is tough to beat a stack of solo cups!  It doesn't matter how cool the toy is, the cups are probably more fun!  So that's our benchmark! 

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An evening of transporting rocks via dump truck = a good night for these two!  Look at those long legs!  I have been noticing the boys are starting to get so tall!  They can pretty much see up onto the counters these days.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm tired tonight...rambling!

I'm a little tired tonight, so I will ramble about a few things on my mind.
I have felt EXTREMELY unorganized all week!  My desk is a mess and I'm not crossing much off the to do list.  I was gone all weekend and then Monday and Tuesday have been a continuous mesh of meetings and things so I don't feel like I am getting much done. 
I felt awful last night because Keith had his golf league and I got to daycare at about 5:59 and Carter and Dylan were the last two there - I hate they are there so long some days.
Tomorrow we are taking them both to the eye surgeon again, I think both will need their tear ducts cleaned out again. Carter has basically been on drops for about two weeks, two different types of drops and we haven't made much progress on the goopy eyes.
Today was a fun day because we recorded the latest and greatest DI LUSSO radio spot, which will be running in MPLS soon.  This is always a fun day away from the office and something we only do a couple times a year.  I wish I could switch my voice into a voice over or radio voice!  How cool would that be!  We also got to take advantage of a beautiful day and enjoy lunch outside. 
I'm starting to get nervous about our trip.  I have exactly two weeks of work left to get about four weeks of work in.  However, for the most part, our trip landed at a great time!  I would have been in trouble if it were a month ago.  Even more so, I'm just hating leaving the boys for that long.  I think it will be good to get away for a few days and have a break, but eight days is a LONG time to be away from our little guys.
They are so much fun right now, I'm just loving every minute with them. 
I'm feeling even more unorganized in my personal life and think I have checked about two things off the summer to-do list. I've had a pair of pants at the dry cleaners for weeks now, I sure hope they still have them!
Keith is going to Norway for work on Saturday and will be gone most of the week.  Mom is coming up to help me with the boys, so that will be good.  But bad timing for him since our trip is right around the corner. 
OK!  Enough rambling! 
Oh, and a friend just updated on Facebook, Christmas Eve is four months away. REALLY!  AHHH!  I have a double two year birthday celebration to plan first.  (And right now I have no ideas on what I want to do for them)
I'm not sure what they are both looking up that way, kinda funny picture.
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Fun in the water

Ryan and Andy impressed us with their synchronized back flips!  They were so dedicated, they decided to do second practice session at about 11 pm in boxers.
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