Monday, November 9, 2015

About this third broken Arm

 Two days before Dylan’s 7th birthday, he broke his arm.  AGAIN!  I was just thinking we were going to make it through “six” without an ER visit.  Almost.  Yes, all three broken arms were Dylan, his left arm when he was 23 months, his right arm when he was 4 and the right arm again.  Almost the same spot, exact same type of break.  Supercondylar fracture.  Or what I may begin to call, a SuperDylan fracture. 

So how did he break his arm, AGAIN?  At recess, Dylan and Carter were seeing how far they can jump out of the swings and I guess Dylan didn’t quite land – what he is calling a 12’ high jump.  Probably not that high, but he does swing high, so I’m guessing he came down hard.  The kicker, he didn’t tell anyone at school and went the rest of the day with a broken arm, which totally breaks my heart.  I’m sure he didn’t say anything because he was afraid he was going to get in trouble for jumping out of the swings.  So I asked him if it hurt, and he said it did hurt.  I asked if he cried, he said he didn’t but some water came out of his eyes.  So then I asked if anyone noticed, but he said he went and sat in a tube on the play set so nobody saw him.  He had a sub that afternoon, so I guess they didn’t notice until he went to get on the bus it was quite swollen and he was holding it funny.  So as soon as they got to daycare they called us assuming maybe it was hurt because it was swollen.  So we didn’t even get him to the ER until 6.  Right away when I saw him I thought it was probably broken. 

The break was exactly the same as last time, except it was not displaced, so we didn’t have to set it or have pins.  Last time was much more traumatic having to do surgery.  This time has gone fairly well, except they continue to check weekly since it can still displace in the cast.  The hardest thing this time is he is right-handed and in school, but he’s getting much better with writing.  We are about 2 weeks in and will have the cast for 4-6 weeks.  I did ask the doctor if he had any concern with multiple breaks and he said, he’s doing it right – jumping out of swings and monkey bars!  So he didn’t have any concerns from that perspective. 

This is her writing an "O" - her favorite letter.  In her defense, it is hard to write on the cast.

And just for a little flashback / comparison pics - here's our first broken arm HERE

And our second broken arm HERE

At least we didn't have to have pins this time!!!  

Looking back at this, I can't believe how young he looks:(

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