Thursday, July 28, 2011

ABCs and a few more


So Carter has been kinda funny with his ABC's lately.  A couple times he has seen letters and he will say "there are ABCs on there" or the other night he was taking home a craft from daycare with his name on it and he said, "I'm going to take the ABC's off of here". 
One night I was on Carter's bed with him and he pushed me off and I said that kinda hurt.  Now Dylan loves me to lay next to him and he pushes me off and always says that kinda hurt.  Random! 
Otherwise, we have been playing outside a lot and eating our share of Popsicles.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taco time

It's been a while since I have posted a video- here is one from last night. The boys are being goofy as always.

A few more from the beach

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Fun at the beach

We have been taking advantage of living close to the beach!  It's no ocean shore line, but the boys think it's pretty cool.  Keith's been teaching them how to skip rocks and last night they even went swimming. 
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It was so hot out last week, I finally decided to bring some outside toys down to the basement! They are finally starting to get big enough to be able to pedal.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Loving up my boys....

I always love these snuggly moments (minus my crazy hair).  I went to Chicago this weekend with a few girlfriends, so the boys were a bit extra momma's boys last night.  I'll write a Chicago post later this week. 

I got home before Keith and the boys and when they got home they were so funny.  Carter started smiling at me and gave me a big hug, then Dylan was taking off his shoes and saw me and started smiling and then just started bursting out laughing and came running giving me a hug.  Then they were a couple of clingers the rest of the night - I took the trash out and Dylan instantly started to search for me and they were both a bit extra clingy when I dropped them off at daycare today. 

Carter has been really funny with this red blanket and the couch pillows.  He usually throws all of the pillows on the floor.  Then he wants me to sit in the pillows with him, then he says we need to get under the blanket and be cozy.  So now he's always say get cozy mom. 

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Just around the neck....

Tonight the boys were being so goofy!  We took them to the beach for a while after dinner and after they got changed, when they put their shirts on they did this and kept saying, "just around the neck."  They thought it was a pretty good look!  They thought their swim shoes were pretty sweet too. 

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Thinking alike...

Sometimes these two will be on the same track together, both will go after something and use the exact same motions.
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