Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweet Moments

A couple Carter stories...

Tonight the boys are not doing well going to sleep.  Dylan keeps going to the door crying and wanting out of his room. We usually tell them they need to get back into bed when they try to escape, but for some reason he was really wanting me. Then of course when one sees you in the room, the other one wants up too!  So I am sitting on the floor, one boy on each leg, both snuggled up against me.  Then Carter reaches over to Dylan's head and starts rubbing it and comforting him, so sweet! 

Today Carter saw one of Cade's pull-ups and just had to wear that instead of his diaper.  So excited about it all day!  Had to do pull-ups the rest of the day.  Then tonight Keith put a regular diaper on, he was not happy about that at all!  So I said, how about we put the yellow undies on!  That worked!  Then about five minutes later we started talking about his Thomas underwear, so we had to go back and switch. Again, he was so excited and proud.  About 20 minutes later, I walked back to his room and found him with a different pair of Thomas underwear on, he changed them himself.  Again, very excited.  Oh but then he found an even cooler pair of Thomas underwear.  So after four pairs, that is what he is sleeping in tonight.
These are actually pics of Dylan, even thought the post is more about Carter.
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