Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Phase III of our move is complete

I've broken our move down to five phase:
Phase I:  Keith moving to Iowa / 1 UHaul and a truckload of  belongings
Phase II:  2 1/2 weeks with me in Minneapolis with the boys along with lots of Grandma help.  We completed this phase when we brought the boys back to Iowa for Christmas.  At this time we brought back most of their clothes/toys.
Phase III:  One brutal week in Minneapolis on my own, while the boys stayed in Baxter with Grandma Bucklin
Phase IV will be complete once our house is sold and the moving company delivers the rest of our belongings to Iowa.
Phase V will be when we move into our new home, Phase V completion date:  TBD!!!

Honestly, I enjoyed parts of last week since I NEVER have a house completely by myself. Even if I was cleaning, it was nice to not have any responsibilities.  However, my "my time" fun became exhausting quickly!  I was up until 1:30ish two nights, 2:30 one night and 4:00 my last night.  First off, I cleaned the house top to bottom for the listing pictures.  Then I spent half a day with our realtor and her stager.  Staging is kinda hard for me, as I'm a little on the particular side about what goes into my house.  But staging is different than decoration.  It's all about making your house appear as large as possible and drawing your eye from one place to the next.  That part was fun.  Then once we were on the market, all house hunters had to do was call, leave a message and they could be at our house within 15 minutes.  So that meant I had to leave the house every morning in perfect condition incase we had a showing.  And I'm not a bed maker, so this was a pain for me.  Actually, not that bad, I tried to sleep in one little spot, barely messing with most the pillows and blankets:)  And I didn't sleep much, so that helped.   Anyhow, we didn't even end up having any showings that week. I wish I had known that and life would have been easier because at night I would pack, then have to hide everything away.  It would have been much more efficient to put everything I needed to bring back into one room and then pack it all together. 
So every night I would think I could get things done quickly and everything would take longer than planned.  Like the two hours I spent scrubbing down the fridge.  Work ended up being busy as well my last week, so I was up late a couple nights trying to get things transitioned.  At some point I just accepted my to do list would not be complete.  At least our family is back together now!  I think the boys are happier now!
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Whitney Moore said...

Oh my that picture of the boys all dressed up by the tree.. too cute for words!!! :-D


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