Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What would "10 year old" Keith be saying right now?

I think he would be shaking his head and wondering how things got to THIS!
Any of you that know my husband, know that he is an electronic / gadget junky to say the least. So naturally, every Christmas there is usually some super cool gadget on his list. Yep, this year the big electronic that topped his list was a vacuum. All week preceding Christmas, all he would talk about is this vacuum he hoped to get. And lucky for him Santa delivered!
Haven't used it yet, but I must say it looks like a pretty cool little vacuum. And hopefully it will help us keep up with the amount of dust and dirt that ends up on our hardwood floors.
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The boys have been really funny lately and are interacting more and more every day. I just LOVE watching them play together. Early on a doctor asked me who I thought was the leader of the two and he said he found that the first born often leads the duo. And crazy as that may sound, right now Dylan, my first born, seems to be playing the "big brother" role. He is so good about sharing with Carter. He'll take two sippy cups or two toys or two ornaments off the tree and bring one to Carter. A couple times when Carter has been upset, he has been giving him a pacifier. Altough he does bring Carter things, sometimes he takes something Carter is interested in and then he will run from Carter, then turn and laugh as Carter chases him.

One morning last week when I was up feeding them, both boys were sitting on my lap drinking their bottles. Then they both kinda stopped drinking, started looking at each other and laughing a lot and then starting kissing each other on the cheeks and laughing more. It totally made my day!
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Has the curse been lifted?

The boys have been really into playing with the curtains lately.

We did it, we survived nine days in Iowa without ANY trips to the hospital, doctor's offices, or any major illnesses. We even managed to have pretty good traveling conditions given that Iowa and Minnesota were hit pretty hard with snow and ice.
Dylan did split his lip two times and Stella threw up once, taking one for the team (THANKS STELLA). Otherwise we had a GREAT trip and we are having a hard time getting back into the everyday routine after a week off of work. I have been really missing the boys this week too, I was spoiled getting to be with them all week.

I'm trying to catch up on posts, I took several pictures last week, so get ready for picture a picture overload in the next few days.

Dylan has been sitting in corners a lot lately! Not sure why, maybe he is giving himself a timeout since he is always getting into trouble.

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Today at daycare another baby got sick in the nap room, so I guess Carter and Dylan missed their afternoon naps. Keith said they fell asleep right away in the car and even with all the bouncing around getting out of the car, the two stayed sound asleep! It is pretty uncommon for these two to nap when they get home from daycare, especially both of them! They were out cold!

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Family Fun

While in Iowa, we celebrated my sister's 30th birthday! Of course we didn't squeeze all those candles on the cake!

Easter eggs in December? The boys love playing with them and at that point in the night we really needed a calm 20 minutes!
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Now we are ready for school, we just need to wait a few years!

Keith is pretty excited to sport this bag around the mall.

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Disco Dylan and Linus

I have decided to rename my children Disco Dylan and Linus. Dylan just LOVES music and loves to dance! We got them this sit & spin for Christmas and if you push the button on the top it plays music. So Dylan has been carrying this thing around the house constantly pushing the button and dancing. I think we need to find him some type of baby boom box as this is a little awkward and heavy for a little guy to carry around.

Carter likes to dance too, but what he REALLY likes is his BLANKET. This kid carries a blanket with him ALL the time! I don't mind as long as it keeps him smiling.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

We have some hard working boys!

Who wouldn't want these two to come visit?

They shovel, they sweep...

They even get under the rug!

They mow!

They get down on their hands and knees and really scrub the floor...

They even clean the hardest places to get to... even if it means they have to take a little rest while cleaning.

Sounds like good service to me!

They will even scrub your carpet with a wet rag and clean your windows!

Even though they aren't little anymore....

I still LOVE baby feet!

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Here comes Santa!

One of my grandpa's best friends, "Santa Claus", was so kind to come up to my parents house to surprise all the kids. Yes, his friends really call him Santa Claus because of his long white beard. He plays Santa in December and Uncle Sam in July.

The boys weren't so sure what to think. Dylan seemed to think he was pretty cool, while Carter snuggled up to my mom.

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