Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trouble Makers!

Keith went to Ames for the night on Thursday, so it was just me in the boys for the night. They were pretty good for the most part, just a lot to keep up with for one person. I left Keith a message warning him when he got home that our house looked like Christmas morning without the presents.

The two had made messes everywhere. Dylan started to think that is would be a good idea to take cheerios and throw handfulls of them. Then I heard the toilet paper roll a going. Then before work on Friday morning, they really got into Stella's food and water making a huge mess. I had to change Dylan's pants because they were so wet. Then after Keith got home, he sent me a picture of the shampoo all over the bathroom floor. I left the house not even knowing it was spilling all over the floor.

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It doesn't get much worse than this...

Unfortunately, Stella's dog food was relocated for the fifth time today:( And this location seems to be the last resort... our bedroom bathroom. Not even a large enough spot to keep the food and water side-by-side.

The boys just can't seem to resist those shiny little bowls. We had been keeping it in the office; however, this weekend, we decide to transform our office into a somewhat of a playroom.

Keith thought that maybe we could put her food in the basement, but I thought it may be a little much for us to ask of her. She rarely goes down there and since we added the baby gate to the stairs, this would require her to jump onto the top stair through the banisters, then go downstairs for her food. However, I will keep it in mind if the bathroom doesn't work out.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is that? Box wine and Diet Coke cans?

Yep, a little neighbor get-together, enjoying a nice evening watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, while drinking box wine out of diet Coke cans. You must watch the show to "get it", but if you do, you are probably laughing right now. If you don't watch it, I would recommend you start.... Thurday nights on FX! Next Thursday..... Riot Punch.
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Breaking the bottle...

We switched the boys over to cows milk last week. They don't really seem to act like it tasted any different, so that is good. Only one thing though, since the switch they seem to be wanting to wake up at 5:00 am. Not sure if it is a phase or maybe the milk doesn't fill them up as much as the formula. Have any of you experienced this? The best part about switching over to milk is we can bring a jug to daycare and now we don't have to make/label bottles at night anymore! Saves like half an hour every night.

Next we are working at getting rid of the bottles. It seems the last month or so, they have gotten very attached to their bottles. They will drink the milk out of their sippy cups, but really don't want to. We attempted to give them a sippy cup before bed a couple nights ago.... lets just say about 5 minutes in, were pouring the milk into bottles. I would take tips on this too!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

More wedding fun...

We had so much fun seeing all of our friends. There is a big group that lives in KC, so we usually only see them if there is something happening in the DSM area. It was a lot of fun to see Kelly and Eric again and they will be moving to Hawaii soon, so we won't get to see them very often. And it is always an extra special occasion when Mark and Eric reunite... basically equals lots of trouble.

All the Chi-O girls!

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OK... just a couple more.

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Who dressed this boy???

I've seen shark bottoms and monkey tops mixed together, but Daddy doesn't do this bad of a job. Poor kid had an accident at daycare. I had an extra shirt there, but no extra pants. I guess this is the best they could come up with. I was laughing pretty hard when he walked into the house like this.
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Rehearsal Dinner

We had a busy wedding weekend! It was so much fun catching up with so many great friends that I rarely get to see. Friday the girls started around 11:00 for a bridal luncheon and then we got pedicures and manicures before heading to the rehearsal dinner.

Adam and Sara live in Norwalk, so they watched the boys for us and then we stayed at their house as well on Friday night.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009


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Nicole & Ryan's wedding

We had lots of fun at the wedding! Keith and I were thinking back and we realized this was the time that we stayed the night somewhere without the boys. We have each left them on separate occasions, but one of us has always been with them for the night. And of course they were in good hands at my parent's house.

Nicole found each of us a different broaches from antique stores to make our belts unique.

Yep, it is possible to wear a sweatsuit and a bridesmaids dress!

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Cake Time...

It was funny watching them eat their cakes. Dylan was just basically licking his frosting, keeping clean. Carter dug right in and got pretty dirty even flinging cake all over the wall and floor (sorry Jennifer).
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