Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks Grandma!

Here is where Carter was the entire time mom was visiting! On grandma's lap! Even when we picked them up at daycare, he would run to her and ignore me.

My mom came up to help out last week while Keith was out of town. It sure made my life easier. Mom had dinner ready every night when we got home and would meet me at daycare to help carry them out! She also helped out on some much needed house cleaning and laundry!

Thanks Grandma! Come back and visit soon!

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Check out Carter's shiner!

At daycare on Friday, I guess Carter was climbing up some slide or toy and fell! Unfortunately, a tractor wheel broke his fall. I would say this is are worst injury to date. We definitely didn't have any issues mixing them up this weekend. I feel bad for the guys, it looks really sore and is a little bit swollen. They told me he didn't cry too much, of course they may have been trying to make me feel better.

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Last day in the Infant room. Toddlers, here we come!

Tomorrow, the boys will have their first day in the toddler room! They sure are growing up fast! Every day last week they spent a little bit of time in the toddler room to get adjusted.
I wish I could be there to watch them sit in their little chairs and eat lunch at a table with the other kids and to take naps on cots! Oh, and they drink out of regular cups too! We only do that in the bathtub at home, so that should be interesting. They get to have pillows on their cots too, so we bought them their first pillows this weekend.
I hope their first day goes well, I'm sure they will really like playing with all the bigger kids!

I was so excited to pack our LAST breakfast/lunch/snack!!!!

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Taste of going out to dinner with toddlers!

If you ever follow us into a restaurant, it would be wise to request to be seated at the opposite end of the restaurant. We have now resorted to going to extremely loud locations since we aren't really good with our inside voices.
Here is a video I took on my phone from dinner last night. Dylan learned a new way to eat Cheerios.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evan at 16 months, Dylan still loves his crib mobile and we still have crib parties. Tonight I was changing their crib sheets (this could be considered an Olympic sport...not my favorite task) and Dylan started dancing and twirling! I wish I got the video about two minutes sooner when he had both pacifiers in.

Welcome home dad!

Keith had to spend the week in New York for work! Fortunately, my mom came up to help out! They were forecasting a "snowcaine" on the East coast, so he was lucky to get on a flight this morning and get home early! If he left any later he would have been stuck all weekend. I think the boys missed him quite a bit.

The boys were really good tonight, they sat on my lap like this for almost a half hour. Normally, I'm lucky if one sits for 2 minutes! I certainly enjoyed the extra snuggles!

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Transportation via frying pan....

Carter is back to carrying things around in his frying pan! These are Stella's bones.

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A ghost in the house

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All the fun ways we entertain ourselves...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A toy box with style!

As soon as you have kids it doesn't take too long before you are completely out of storage and your beautiful house accessories are replaced by large flashy toys! Today I came across this really cool blog,, that makes a truly unique and stylish toy box!

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Not sure how this happened, but I found this bruise on Dylan's ear. It looks really sore. Poor guy! It doesn't seem to bother him.
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hard at work....

For a while the boys got bored of their "cleaning" phase, but Dylan is back at it! He is so funny when he cleans too because he is so serious about it! The other night Keith was vacuuming and he got one of his push toys out and followed him around like he was vacuuming too!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a balancing act....

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I think we finally put this sleeping problem to bed...

For a solid month to two months, Dylan would wake up every night and instead of put himself back to sleep, he would want to go sleep in our room. Some days he would wake up around 12:00 am, other days it wouldn't be until 5ish. It didn't bother me too much when it was around 5 because he would sleep longer in our bed, but it was getting a little bit tiresome when your half of the bed also included a one year old and a dog who thinks she needs to sleep on top of you!

Keith was determined to beat this habit Dylan had started and after two weeks of him sleeping in his crib, I think we have! Hopefully I don't ruin it this week while Keith is gone. One night he woke up around 10:30 and we weren't even in bed yet, so we decided to just let him cry it out in his bed. Normally we don't like to do this, risking the other one waking up. So that night he cried for a couple of hours. We would go in every 20 minutes and calm him down and then he finally fell asleep. (BTW, I HATE doing this, it completely breaks my heart) We couldn't believe it, but Carter didn't wake up once the entire time (he must take after me)! We thought we would have a week of this, but we haven't had him in our bed since. He does still wake up some, but Keith can usually get him to fall back asleep. If I go in there, I almost always end up bringing them to bed with me. I guess I am a sucker! Keith is much better at getting them back to sleep in their cribs at night.

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A few new phases...some good, some bad!


Both have really found their voices these past few weeks. And Dylan is going through this screaming phase. Sometimes he will get really mad and just scream at the top of his lungs non-stop (I think 15 minutes is about our max on this one). Fortunately, Carter isn't really doing this! However, we went out to eat last night and both were screaming a lot. Sometimes it's just a harmless, cute high-pitched scream, sometimes it's angry. So we won't be going to any "quiet" restaurants in the near future.


Today both boys were giving us the best bear hugs! I wish I had a video. I would hold my arms out wide and say come give mom a hug and they would come running at me with big smiles and giving me the best hugs. Then they were like ping pong balls bouncing back and forth between me and Keith giving us hugs. It was GREAT! I love when they do things like this.


Again, I need to get a video. Carter is into what I call a "gorilla walk", not sure why, but randomly, he will start to walk slow, crouch down a little bit and take these really big steps.

For a while they were doing this really fast walk and didn't quite get bending their knees to run, so if you can imagine somebody running with stiff straight legs. It always made me laugh and I never really got a video. Now they are definitely running and doing lots of running and chasing Stella around the house.
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