Friday, December 31, 2010

We are finally on the market!

WOW!  What a long, challenging process it has been getting our house on the market.  We were initially pushing to be on the market late November, but working through relocation takes a little longer.  Then we decided to hold off until after Christmas since house hunting is the last thing people have time for during the holidays.  I spent Monday morning with the stager and the realtor and by Monday night we were on the market.  I will write more about all of that later. 

I'm so glad we waited until the boys were in Iowa to list.  The way it is set up, a realtor can just leave me a message and then go into your has in a matter of minutes, so every morning this week, I had to leave as if we could have a showing.  I've made my bed more times this week than I have in the last six months....I'm not a bed maker!

We will have our first open house on Sunday and our neighbors will start their selection process.  If prospects look shady, they may park all their cars in their yard and run around in their undies. 

If you know anyone looking for a house in the area, please pass on our listing.  We've given our house a lot of TLC over the years!!!

Here is the link.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We made it to Grandma's house....

This room was clean, I walked back by about 5 minutes later to this. 
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Keeping Busy

We survived our 2 1/2 weeks with Keith in Iowa, thanks to lots of help from grandmas!  We are on the final leg of this and all four of us will be living under one roof again soon!  I've been spending lots of time in the evenings prepping our house to sell.  We sure have a lot of junk!

I was cleaning out this bin and looked up at Carter and he's got his arm pulled out working on his temp!  Guess we spend too much time at the doctor. 
Dylan looking good in gold
Carter sitting in his chair eating dry cereal with a spoon and couldn't be happier doing it.

We may as well quit buying toys and invest in fruit.  They are obsessed with getting out fruit!
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Play hard or go home....

Did I just borrow that title from a NO FEAR shirt?  Remember those, it was probably on your Christmas list back in '93. 

Not sure what it is about tents that bring out the boy in my boys.  They just get wild when tents come out and it's always a continuous combination of laughs, screams, cries and more laughs.  Sometimes I just let them go at it and fight for themselves. 

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Most popular toy in our house....

My boys....always up to something!

Seems like every time I leave these two alone they get into trouble!  Last week I was putting some clothes away while they were brushing their teeth, then I heard lots of laughing, which really didn't surprise me since they tend to get goofy while brushing their teeth. 
They were done brushing their teeth, they decided to put lots and lots of lotion on each others' faces and laughed and laughed about it. 

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Watch out Izzy...

We might have a new singer in Btown!
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I'M BACK!!!!

Sorry friends!!! Hope I didn't lose too many readers on what must be my biggest blogging hiatus to date!  To say the least, things have been hectic!  I'll try to get in a few posts tonight and some for the week.  After this week is over, things will slow down a lot!
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another busy weekend...a little this and a little that

We have been quite busy these past couple weeks trying to meet up with several people, tackle holiday tasks and continue to work on the move.  It's funny because typically I rarely go out and until last weekend we had never had a babysitter at our house.  But lately I have been going out a lot!
Friday night my office had a going away happy hour for me at Coopers.  We had a pretty darn good turnout considering it was a Friday night and everyone has holiday parties and Christmas shopping to do! I accidentally ordered 27 scooby snacks.  It really wasn't an "accident" until I got my bill at the end of the night....oops!  At least they were tasty. 
Then at about 3:45 we were woken up to Dylan throwing up!  After a bumpy couple hours he was doing much better!  Keith slept on the floor with them this time.  And I must say Carter is a rock-star sleeper and didn't wake once during all the commotion between Dylan and clean-up. This also quickly reminded me WHY I no longer drink very often!

Here's how Saturday looked....
I knocked out a lot of Christmas shopping, feeling much better!  Just a few more gifts and well, Keith and I gave up and probably aren't buying much for each other this year.  I'm sure we will have many things to buy once we move into a house. 
Attempted to buy a few holiday gifts in NE MPLS (Christmas shopping FAIL), but did enjoy a tasty burger from the Bulldog.
Finished those Christmas calendars, not my best work, but they are done! And to my family members reading this, yes it will be another year of Dylan and Carter. 
Made a dent in the Christmas cards, hope they will deliver by Christmas.
Late night grocery trip to Target.
Keith installed a new doorbell, replaced all of our energy efficient lights with ones that actually put out light  and cleaned the garage.

Today the boys were pretty good except they continue to beat the crap out of each other.  Carter has so many scratches that Susie thought he had the Chickenpox.  They are so rough with each other constantly wrestling, push, biting, pinching and pulling each other's hair.  But then for like 25 minutes they just sat and played with these cards together, it was AMAZING!  They never just sit and if they do, they need me to sit with them.  I even addressed a few Christmas cards while they played. Seriously, that NEVER HAPPENS!!! 
Oh, and then I took the boys to IKEA...BAD IDEA!  I'm never taking them their by myself again and I will just leave it at that.
Two weeks down and Keith is back in Iowa until Wednesday night. So I think the week will fly by.  And this is the boys last week at Cradle Club, so sad!!! They are going to miss everyone there so much and the sad thing is they just don't get that don't get to go back. 
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Last night out on Russell Ave.

When we announced we were moving, we immediately planned a fun night out with our dear friends on Russell Ave and of course Brad & Erika too.  We had reservations to go to Pinstripes for great food, bowling and bocce.  But then it snowed 20 inches, and they closed for the night. Which never happens around here!  So we moved the party to Beth and Mitch's house. I partied plenty hard the night before at my work holiday party, so the evening didn't get too crazy.  We sure are going to miss this group!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'll be back soon...

I will be back soon. I'm super tired right now, the boys seem to get up about 5x a night.  Then Tuesday night Carter started throwing up around 3ish, so that made for a short night of rest. 

Right now I am trying really hard to finish Christmas cards and calendars before Christmas is here!  So I will try to blog a little more this weekend.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A few more....

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Christmas Baking

Well....we really only took it as far as dipping pretzels into chocolate and sprinkles.  The boys sure did eat a lot of sprinkles!  Carter was really enjoying the chocolate as well. I can't say they turned out pretty, but they were definitely made with lots of love!

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Let it snow, let it snow.....

I think the state of Minnesota is trying to convince us to stay here, snowstorms two weekends in a row.  I didn't here the final results, but I believe we got about 20" this weekend.  It just snowed and snowed and snowed some more.  Keith was definitely busy with the snowblower this weekend. 
I know this doesn't look like that much snow to all of my Iowa friends.  In Iowa the snow drifts really bad so you can easily get 5' in front of your door, but in the city it really doesn't drift at all and this is proably the most snow I've seen since we have lived here.  You probably saw on the news that the Metro Dome caved in from the weight of the snow.  And I forgot to mention, it is FREEZING out too!

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