Sunday, May 23, 2010

Working hard ON the weekend!

We have been hard at work all weekend!  Our biggest task was scrubbing and power washing the deck since the winter was not very kind to it.  It's not too bad of a job, just time consuming.  I power washed for a little over two hours this afternoon and then Keith finished.  Now we need to stain it, I think that will be on the agenda for next weekend.  
Saturday, I picked up a few new flowers and replaced the ones that died because we had a freeze just days after I planted everything.  I'm lucky we didn't lose more than we did.   I also bought a few more stains for the mantel, tested all of them and still have not found a shade I love, like or even one that looks slightly good with the fireplace bricks.  Normally, I am pretty decisive on these types of things, but I think Keith would divorce me if I didn't pick the right color.  Well, he might not divorce me, but I'm pretty sure he isn't going to build a second one if I don't like the color. 
Today Dylan and I went to Target and  picked up some groceries for the week, did a little cleaning around the house and managed to get rid of 12 pairs of shoes!  WOO HOO!! Other than that, we have done lots of laundry and lots of cleaning, but one would NEVER KNOW we even attempted!  Now I have a little bit of work to do and should head to bed early.  I have to be at the Chiro at 7 am tomorrow!

Don't worry Ryan/Nicole/Autumn/Mark/Kelly/Eric, Keith is working on his tan so we won't all be blinded in Hawaii!  Me too, I 'm just as white!!
Looking much better!
Dylan was going to help, but he decided to work on his tan instead.
Between sidewalk chalk and bubbles, we had to strip down outside tonight.
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Chantal said...

I hate when you spend all day getting things done and being productive, yet the house still seems like a disaster zone. That was our day yesterday. Productivity was up 100% and the house looks like a bomb went off.


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