Thursday, May 6, 2010

A few things that always make me laugh...

  • Whenever they put their hands in their pockets
  • When they pick up a piece of food with their fingers, push it into the fork prongs, then put the piece of food into their mouths with their forks
  • Tonight Carter was wearing just his diaper and found a dryer sheet and was wiping his diaper, thinking it was a wet wipe
  • They always want lotion, so I give them a little dab on their hand to rub on their tummies, but sometimes they rub it on their pants, their hair or sometimes it ends up in my hair
  • Sometimes if you ask them if they want a drink and they are really thirsty and have their pacifiers, they will pull them out and throw them straight on the ground and come running!

This was a super cool tent we made with the blanket and chairs today.
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Autumn Kline Photography said...

What funny little boys! I love the hands in the pockets...makes him look so grown up.


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