Sunday, May 16, 2010

Silly Boys!


This morning the boys were so kind to let me sleep until 6:50!  They had been chattering in their room for about 10  minutes before I went in to find they threw all of their blankets on the floor and Dylan's pacifier and shirt!  I wish I had one of those video monitors because you never know what is going on behind that door. 
I love how they are in this stage of helping each other out all the time.  I picked Carter up and I held him with one arm and set him on Dylan's crib ledge to pick up Dylan, but he was being strange and didn't quite want out yet.  So Carter reaches down to pull on Dylan and try and "help" him out and then when he fussed, Carter reached over to the dresser to grab a pacifier to give to Dylan.  It is always entertaining to watch them interact. 
{Dylan & his pacifiers}
This is what happens when they find their diaper bag!
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