Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recalls and Fevers!

Carter with eight blankets!  I think he was in heaven.
A lot of you have probably heard on the news that the company produces Tylenol and Zyrtec had a large recall!  Unfortunately, we had a half empty bottle of recalled Tylenol and the recalled Zyrtec!  Usually, I buy the generic Tylenol, but the one bottle of actual Tylenol I had was recalled.  I did look into refunds and if you click here, it looks like this is the best you can do.
It has been a long week at the Bormann household and it is only TUESDAY!!!  We got a call at 3:00 on Monday that Carter had a fever, which means he is out of daycare for 24 hours!  So I left work early and picked them up.  Carter didn't seem quite right, so I thought I better get him in to see the doctor.  Keith had a golf game that evening, so Beth and Mitch were so kind to watch Dylan for me so I could take Carter to the doctor.  He's had a fever bouncing between 99-103 for the past two days and the nastiest cough at night.  The doctor said he had red throat and the tests came back negative.  So no answers.  
Today Dylan had a fever too, so I stayed home this morning and Keith stayed home this afternoon, then we met at the doctors' office at 4:00 b/c we had our follow up appointment for Dylan.  
The good news is all the allergy tests came back negative, so no more Allegra or Zyrtec.  The bad news is the doctor has no idea why they have this continuous cough.  Dylan also has an ear infection now and he wants us to keep doing the neb for now. 
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Jess said...

oh no, feel better soon boys!

Andrea said...

Target will take back those half use or even empty bottles of Tylenol or Motrin. I took mine back this week and they told me that and gave me a full refund!

Hope your boys feel better!


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